What are YOU smoking today? (PICTURES)


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It is pure sativa uphigh on my biology. Energetic yet strong in the head. In my hands yield was not spectacular, but boy this is tasty bud. Imagine fruity candy being dipped in gasoline. It has overtaken smell in my crusher which is unchanged for 3 years. It is only dry for a week so after a good cure that will become some special sativa bud. Promising :)
She could’ve gone longer but I needed space for Critical Haze. ^^
Leaf to bud ratio was excellent. Manicuring it was a matter of minutes.

I also have Honduras seeds. But although there is many outstanding genetics out there. There is no beating what I expierenced after smoking Critical Mass. I thought I overpaid and got scared because it was a skunk hybrid. But it was the best plant and smoke I had during that grow. Even my smokebuddy got giggles and had an amazing time. All new seeds being germed are MNS genetics now.
Climbing up the ladder slowly to enjoy it all in abundance.
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Ain't that always the case lol?

Yes. All I have left now is one clone in growth.
Been bending, pinching, tying, stretching my back to a point where it hurts, ... But now, now aeroponics is up and running again. Turn tap open, close the tap, add fertilizer, ph down; done.
Got few on soil but no more after this. Convienent and ecological too. :)


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Jack Herer?

Well, that's what the label says. Before the 'Great Shutdown' hit, one of the Autoflower Girls had went to the dispensary over in Pittsfield, Mass. and bought this. Yep, $392USD per oz. She got 3 seeds in it which she gave me after mice had ate my entire crop
of seedlings and I had no seeds left. All 3 seeds grew into plants with no similarity at all to them. The plant in the background with the huge fan leaves is the G13 x Af Sk male I selected to mate with the girls on the deck!


The first plant in this picture is what one of those seeds produced and what I am smoking the last couple days. Looks reasonable!


Been curing for 9-10 months so time to try it! Looks good, smells good, and tastes good!


While it looks, smells, and taste good, no matter how much or how often I smoke it I have not got high off it! WTF! Big disappointment there! I guess I will use it for edibles. In the meantime I'll turn on everyone who stops by and if someone likes it, they can have it! I know quite a few people who really look for smell, taste, and aroma and don't care if they get high at all! Well, this Bud's for them!

JH 2.jpg

Dang! I was so excited to try this! ha ha

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So uh, tonight I dabbed vape reclaim. IL start with I run my dynavap through glass, namely a bb3. After months of throwing it in iso to clean the glass. I evaporated it over 3-4 days, now I'm left with this gorgeous reclaim.
I've dabbed and vaped it, this is some real heavy stone shit. It don't taste great so IL likely make edibles, or something I can run through a dispensary pen.
It was an experience to be sure, but it wasn't scary even when I cleared it through a water piece. More profoundly relaxing.
Peace all.