What are YOU smoking today? (PICTURES)


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Hello @Pheonix66! :)

"So uh, tonight I dabbed vape reclaim."

Nice! That comment sparked up nostalgia about the things I've reclaimed and smoked over the years! Happy thoughts! Nothing as good as vape reclaim though! Thanks for sharing the story and double thanks for posting up what you are smoking! :D

For science! It was all top quality bud I ran through till dark caramel in colour. No combusts but it does have that hint smell/taste of burnt oil all reclaim has. Its a really good high though, if you have absolutely nothing to do for the next 2 hrs.
Peace all.


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Hay Mus...
My columbian tastes nearly exactly like a fresh grapefruit slice when young in the cure, but after a serious 6 months+ cure (forgot about a jar once) it comes across nearly exact to the old school thai stick with that distinct taste.
Do yourself a favor and put a small sample away for a long term cure, since columbian is supposedly in the haze makeup it *might* get some of that same thing....and it's a crying shame to not have a small sample of the old school thai taste.
If you were around back then, nothing has ever come close to thai stick in taste, and I don't think anything ever really will.....unless...


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Took me about a year to smoke it! Gave plenty away too! :) Mexican brickweed and Columbian(?) dirt weed were still popular then so it was ok. Nowhere near as good as Thai Stick usually is. But the price.....



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Honduras x Panama is beginning to taste like a fueled sativa, but there is also some “wood” in there. Like a pencil going through a pencilsharpener. I sh... you not :D
And the fuel is as if the one on boatyards. Not sure which fuel boats use, but it reminds me of a boatyard smell.
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Wakey bakey! Starting with some Holy Grail #3 this morning! 4 months cure so far. I don't care how mad or angry you are at the start of the day, after a few tokes of Haze it all goes away lol. As with most, her potentcy will continue to improve with time and cure.

HG#3 8_17.jpg



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I ran out of my Sour Bubba so now I am switching to Sour Angel. I ground it up so I can smoke on it for a few day. I only smoke 1 bowl a day because I have COPD so that little bit will last me a few days. I mainly depend on my oil. I use it in the evenings and it really helps me sleepCompress_20210820_160233_3418.jpg


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Anniversary Issue Pt. 1

A year ago today this thread was started. First, thank you to all who have posted up 'What are YOU are smoking today'! Multiple thanks to all who have posted up multiple times! 😊 I, for one, have smoked multiple times this year! I thought I would celebrate this anniversary by posting up some 'high' lights of what people have posted up over the past year. There are no winners or losers, best or worst, just some nice pictures of things I'd would have liked to try over the past year. I did 'weed' out totally out of focus pictures and live plants. Also, could not include every picture or you could just read the whole thread! Sorry about that. Hopefully the thread will continue bigger and better this coming year as I see many people growing some MNS strains.

Pictures are in alphabetical order by user name. And again, thanks to all who have made this thread so awesome to see what people are smoking the world over!

300Dutchman - Nuken and Master Kush Bubble Hash
'300 dutchman - nuken and master kush bubble hash.JPG

Acrid - Bubba x Sweet Island Skunk
'acrid' - bubba x Sweet Island Skunk F1.jpg

Ben Plantin - MNS Potpourri
'Ben Plantin' - Potpourri.jpg

Blowing Up Jake - Chem 91
'Blowing Up Jake' Chem 91.jpg

Byorn - Super Silver Haze
'Byorn' - Super Siler Haze.JPG

Cannalicous - Y Griega
'Cannalicious' - Y Griega.jpg

ENGLISH - Bandaid x A5
'ENGLISH' - Bandaid x A5.jpg

Hootigh - P&P Haze
'Hootigh' - P&P Haze.jpg

Kryppler - Angel's Breath
'Kryppler' - Angel's Breath.jpeg