What are YOU smoking today? (PICTURES)


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Aloha everyone!

Got the electrical done, had a smoke and lost 4 hours lol. That's what Neville's Haze will do. Came back just in time to clean up the room and take a couple snaps of the Holy Smoke.

Here is some well-cured Neville's Haze #5
nh #5 7_20.jpg



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Rules? I'm thinking of a Smoke-Off as a Gentleman's Sport, so we would follow gentlemanly rules, of course. Are we not gentlemen? I suggest we follow the 'Marquis of Queensbury Rules'. Hit it hard, hit it often, and hit it first! Last man standing wins!

As a betting man, I would look for a parlay play. I win because I get to smoke the better pot! ;) You win as the last man standing! Win-Win for everyone! Let's do it!

Don't bring a knife to a gunfight!
2019 Master Kush.jpg


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Soon only Mr Nice strains. Just making space and cleaning old seeds. I have some issues with my seedround. I think it’s the mosaic virus. So I was browsing my collection and pondered what Super Malawi Haze X Neville Skunk would look like.
Really hope I am wrong on the diagnose though, it has taken some time and energy.

But the point is, I can’t wait to show off these MNS I scored through the auction. Christmas all year long. Jehovah-jireh.


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cheers @musashi @longball @PCaddict, thanks bro nice to be home feels good to be back, i have been checking in every so often and plenty of cool things happening here is awesome to see, yeah for sure busy summer growing (both plants and knowledge about them) was a lot of fun. i will post up my grow in next few weeks when i get a chance.

and you know i be doing it all over again this summer, it is my right

damn theres so much beauty nug in this thread