Mark's Angel's Breath - New Year's Haze


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So nice. I plan to build something to get the far reds into my light recipe (it's a simple recipe but it's my only one!). :)


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Merry Christmas and the best of New Year's greetings to the MNS faithful. Here's a brief update on my Angel's Breathe grow, which is nearing its conclusion.

None of the F2 seeds I popped have germinated. I suspect they were either too immature (3 of 6) or not dried long enough (from the AB10 female). I have a few more AB10 x AB1 F2 seeds that have been drying for about a weeks now so I'll try those to see what happens.

I harvested AB5 at 13 weeks on Christmas eve. She was showing about 50% cloudy and maybe 5-10% amber trichomes. I looked at the buds hanging last night and now regret not letting her go another week or two because there seemed to be more than 50% clear. Oh well, too late now. It seems that the top buds on all these plants are consistently showing more cloudy and amber trichs on the uppermost buds than the ones below the top of the canopy. So I decided to harvest a few selected upper buds from the other AB plants in order to have some hazey smoke on New Year's.

Here's the AB5 plant at harvest time. The calyxes were really stacking and swelling late in the grow, so as others have said this one waited until the final weeks to fully express itself.

I decided to attempt to reveg AB5 as I was never able to get a clone from her. So here she is ready to go into the flowering chamber in my veg cabinet, where she's been under a 24-hour light cycle. It's painful to pass on those two gorgeous nugs, but the cause is worthy.

Finally, here's the last shot before harvest of the AB5 bud I've shown before. I'm going to enter it into the Bud of the Month contest and I humbly ask you to consider voting for this photo if you think it's worthy.

Hopefully I'll have dried, but uncured Angel's Breathe buds around the New Year that I'll sample to prepare preliminary smoke reports. Final smoke reports will happen in February after the buds have been properly cured for a few weeks.
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Happy New Year to my MNS comrades. I think 2018 will be a good year.

I was able to smoke some haze on New Year's, and it was wonderful despite having very little cure. AB5 yielded 75 grams of dried buds and the smoke is great. Pretty good for a runt that I almost culled and flowered at 3" tall. The current GF, who smokes infrequently and is prone to this, found it a little anxiety inducing. My friend, who is also an infrequent smoker, got very high off of one puff and remarked how long and strong the high was...we chilled out and enjoyed a few episodes of Silicon Valley.

I've also dried and tested the bud samples I took at 8 weeks. They are all good especially AB10, while AB7 seems to have the most energetic high, although I wouldn't call it electric.

We're in the midst of the longest, coldest stretch of weather I've ever seen in New England, with high temperatures around 5-10°F so my basement is cold with the plants seeing about 78°F with lights on to about 58°F during lights out. Today I started flushing all remaining plants except AB3.

Here's AB3 at 7.3 weeks. Tiny, frosty buds with a leathery smell.

AB3 bud at 7.3 weeks.

AB6 at 8.6 weeks.

AB6 bud at 8.6 weeks.

AB7 at 8.6 weeks.

AB7 bud at 8.6 weeks.

AB8 at 8.6 weeks.

AB8 bud at 8.6 weeks.

AB10 at 8.6 weeks. Still has great old-school smells of leather, earth, metal and wood.

Finally, here's an AB10 bud at 8.6 weeks.


Hey marcus, there's some tasty looking nugs right there! Angel breathe is definitely on my haze to do list.
Are you going to be running any of these girls again?
Glad it all turned out and you had a bit of smoke for new years.

Take it easy, podg


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9½ Weeks

@ Podg - I'm not planning to run any of these plants in the near future, as the high is potent and nice but a little too stony for my preferences. I will keep a couple of these as bonsai mothers for a possible future grow. Probably AB6 and AB10, subject to revision if further curing changes my outlook on these plants.

I have abandoned my effort to re-veg AB5 after smoking some more of the partially cured bud. She was a beautiful plant and she gave a great and potent buzz, but it's a fairly stony high, and not really what I'm looking for. Also, the plant didn't do any re-vegging at all after 2 weeks of 24-hour light. Here's a pic of the AB5 remnants right before I chopped her remaining nugs. Still retained the tropical flower, mango smell.

I harvested AB AB6, AB7 and AB8 after 9½ weeks of flowering. As you can see from the pictures, they are pretty much done. The trichomes at the tops were mostly cloudy with more than 20% amber, while there were more clear trichs in the lower buds.

Here's AB6 right before the chop at 9½ weeks, 50% cloudy 20% amber. Odors at harvest were soapy, lemon-lime-pine. Potent effect from the buds chopped at 8 weeks.

Here's AB7 at 9½ weeks harvest, 50% cloudy, 30% amber. Definitely sativa leaner. My tent has been in the 50s during lights off and her fan leaves got purple, but not the buds. Gritty resin With not-too-sweet smells of lime, mango and pine. Dense, frosty small nugs and the trim will make a lot of hash. Least stony effect from the buds harvested at 8 weeks.

Here's AB8 at 9½ weeks, 30% cloudy, 50% amber. Smells are earth, pine and lime. The lower buds on this plant had almost as many amber trichs as the upper buds.

At this point I only have 2 Angel's Breathe plants left in flower, AB3, which was flowered a week later than the other girls, and AB10, the manifolded seed plant. They can go another week or I guess, and that's hopefully how long it will take me to get my Grail Widow and NHM plants geared up for my next MNS grow.

More harvest photos to come and detailed smoke reports will be written after a proper cure. Adios, Amigos!


Wow, a great complete grow thread of Angels breathe. Im picking up a pack of this with my next order, good job Marcus. BTW this winter has been so intense up to now, i hope it gets better soon.


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Thanks, W. This has been a fun grow. And a shitty winter, although it's supposed to be 50 F for the AFC Championship game here on Sunday. Go Pats!

I harvested AB3 and AB10 at 9½ and 10½ weeks, respectively. No pictures, just more crimson-purple leaves on AB3 and more yellowed-out leaves on AB10. All dried bud has been put into labeled mason jars for curing, but that hasn't stopped me from sampling and enjoying the flower from the different plants. :) I have about 170 g of trim that will be used to make bubble hash, which I'm really looking forward to. Here's how the yields stacked up:

AB2: 12 g
AB3: 15 g
AB5: 76 g
AB6: 35 g
AB7: 56 g
AB8: 66 g
AB10: 93 g

So I got a total of 354 g (12.6 oz, 0.8 lb) of dried bud. Yield-wise, this was my worst performing grow, by a good margin, but there's definitely good yield potential in the Angel's Breathe strain as evidenced by plants AB5 and AB10, both of which were a good deal smaller than they would be if I was to run this stuff again. If I had a clone of AB5 (which I don't :( ) I think I could easily pull 650 g of bud from my 4'x4' tent. I intentionally kept my plants small because I didn't know how much they'd stretch and, as this was my first haze hybrid grow, I was paranoid about the stretch. The tent wasn't as crowded as usual, which was nice actually.

Not surprisingly, AB5 is the front runner in the smoke tests so far. I crushed up a small bud to harvest seeds and put the crushed flower into my pinch hitter, which has lasted me for over a week! Potent, great tasting, wonderful, but a little stony for me. Runners up include AB10, which has a wonderful earthy smell in the jar, and AB6, which may be the most potent of the bunch, and smells a bit like tart cherries to me, and confirmed by my son. I don't really like the taste of AB7 and therefore haven't smoked much of it - smell in the jar is creamy astringent and a bit rank. Honestly, there's not that much difference in effect between most of these plants that I can discern. I'll try to post some updated smoke reports after the cure has set in for a few weeks.


Hey Marcus,

nice nice nice Bro :)

Have you made bubble hash before?

I think it's a great method and do so myself.
Want to suggest microplaning for drying the hash, seems to give a much more even dry and less messy than pressing it through a mesh or something.
Also think drying on cardboard is a good method.

Overall I basically follow Bubbleman's methods and can recommend.


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Hey Bro,

I've only made bubble hash once before. It turned out great, until it got moldy, because I was storing it inside a container and it obviously wasn't dried properly. I'm also not sure how much trim I can put into the bags; last time I used way too much, got a small yield, threw out half of the wet trim I was using, re-ran the other half, and doubled my yield. So what's the proper amount of trim to use in one batch (5-gallon bucket)? Also, what's microplaning?
Also possible if u smoke mature male flowers after pollen shake. Usually pretty accurate.

Edit: Whoops responded to old post... Nice first grow man. Hope u find what ur looking for. I'll post a pic of one of my current grows if thats ok with u? To show u an example of microplanting
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As far as controlling temps... A twin room with a relay wired to panel outlet that shares ventilation is usually how i do it. Keeps temps stable day and night. Guess on ur scale u can use same relay, split the room, use one side for seed runs n other for clones? Dunno... But relay is pretty cheap if u make it urself. And they are different types. I use mines to control all my lights from a simple digital timer to prevent my timer from burning out.


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@cyoheights, good to see you back. I'd like to see an example of microplanting. Thanks for your help and advice.

The Angel's Breathe herb is curing and getting better every week. Smoke reports to come as the flavors continue to develop and stabilize. I planted eight F2 seeds (AB5 x AB1) in peat pucks today. My earlier attempts to germinate AB5 and AB10 seeds failed, perhaps because they hadn't dried properly, so we'll see what happens this time. AB5 was a nice plant so it'll be interesting to see her offspring and to progeny test AB1, which I have a copy of along with pollen in the freezer.


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You may have all ready answered this but what kind of smells did you get off of your angels breath , was they very loud ?


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@kief420 - I got a lot of old school, Haze A smells from these plants. Leather, metal, dark incense. Some of the smells I got from the buds during flowering reminded me of the Colombian weed I used to smoke in the 1970s.
Only one of the plants, AB5, was really floral. AB5 had a definite haze structure and mango / floral aroma, as well as the most potent and long-lasting effect.

I got 5 of the 8 Angel's Breathe F2s to pop, and they're now 13 days from seed. Two look like mutants.

One of them, ABF23, shows trifoliate structure. It has 3 cotyledons, and 3 true leaves.


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A really enjoyable read. Concise, informative and thought provoking. Thanks Marcus for the post and everyone else who has commented.


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Nice journal Marcus, very well documented. You didn't find the high you were looking for overall?

I can only suggest run something in your system that helps prevent it. Beneficial bacteria or go the steriel route with h2o2 or chlorine.

keep it going brother!

greetzz byorn
I would second this. Using either regular, chlorinated tap water to make the environment sterile. Or, add microbes / bacteria to create a nice environment (also bereft of gnats :D).
SLF-100 guide

IPM suggests:
-Using knowledge about the pest's habits, life cycle, needs and dislikes
-Using the least toxic methods first, up to and including pesticides
-Monitoring the pest's activity and adjusting methods over time
-Tolerating harmless pests, and
-Setting a threshold to decide when it's time to act

While there are solutions such as DE, pest strips, beneficial insects, etc., there is no substitute for soil that drains well coupled with proper watering technique.

Well said, Musashi.

"Currently Raid Ant & Roach Killer contains pyrethroids, piperonyl butoxide, and permethrin; other products contain tetramethrin, cypermethrin and imiprothrin as active ingredients. Raid Flying Insect Killer, a spray, uses prallethrin and D-phenothrin."

I have gotten rid of worse pests without resorting to RAID. Reducing waterings and eliminating any rotting vegetation will clear up the problem.
I think this is important. Poisoning our plants is not the solution.


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If that was my first grow I think I would be stoked...

Wish I was as organised as what you are tbh, I just mix nutes and pour, dont take too much stats and record them how you do.

Cant wait to start some of my MNS

(Currently growing fem autos with some decent results... so yeah) going to be interesting trying to manage pollen chucking, pheno hunting and all that goes with regular seeds.

seems like you have a good grasp on it all, kudos to you man!


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Many thanks for the props guys. After a 5-month cure, AB#5 has developed a smooth, mango flavor that tastes fantastic. The smoke of quite potent, probably a 7.5-8/10, and the high is powerful and long lasting. While it's certainly not couchlock, it's a bit stonier and more introspective than I prefer. The other plants honestly all were too Indica leaning for my tastes. It's been a couple months since I've smoked any AB other than #5 as the rest of the lot quite frankly is too narcotic for me. The high is a bit muddled and doesn't really differ that much between plants. With a lineage of Afghan Haze and Mango Haze, and considering all the great hazey phenos I've read that come from those strains, I'm honestly a bit surprised and disappointed that I only got one plant out of 10 (6 females) that was a strong haze leaner.

Here's an update on the Angel's Breathe F2s I made. I got 5 seedlings, 3 females and two males. I flowered the males from clones as bonsai plants and selected the most resinous and thin-leaved male to make F3s. I had to cull one of the females due to space and the remaining two Angel's Breathe F2s have been under 12/12 for 5 weeks now. They both have calyx shapes and aromas that remind me of their mother. Yields look to be smaller but it's early yet. They are both quite resinous at this point.



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Angel's Breathe F2s at 6 weeks

Wow, the aromas that these two AB F2 plants are bringing on are incredible! I'm enjoying my little breeding project wherein I am trying to bring the Angel's Breathe in a more haze/sativa direction. The mother of these plants was easy to select, as AB5 was the only outstanding and hazey plant of the six F1 females. The selection of AB1 as the male seems to have allowed the mum's haze/sativa characteristics to shine through in the F2s, as the smells are haze-lime/floral and the calyxes are stacking on both plants. #1 has a bud structure that leans a little more Indica but #4 is getting a skeletal sativa structure with lots high calyx/leaf and foxtails forming. They both could yield quite nicely like their mother. I think #1 is a 12-week plant and #4 will go 14+ weeks. The aroma of #4 is remarkable. Starts with a quick, almost astringent bite from something piney and spicy, then quickly settles down to a floral lime haze.