Hello everyone I’m Bobberr I’ve been working with autoflower genetics, I love learning all things cannabis. I love old school haze. “Piff”


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The hash is heavier than water so sinks to the bottom. Those fermenters have a lever you can pull that isolates whatever has settled on the bottom into a smaller container that can then be unscrewed. So you can just pour the remaining water out of the main vessel of the fermenter. So in other words there are two vessels in the fermenter that he is using. He will still have to strain the little bit of water that would have collected with the hash but that would be easy. Well thought out and practical as well for large amounts of trim. Bobberr has it going on! I'm off to cut another load of firewood. Peace all

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This one has a switch instead of a lever but the principal is the same. Originally these are for catching and removing the sediment in beer so the beer can be aged in the fermenter or cold crashed. Also for removing dry hops that have finished doing there thing as well.
That's awesome, never heard of that device before, looks much more effective than using bubble bags, which always get clogged up. Thanks crazyhorse73 :cool:🤟


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That's awesome, never heard of that device before, looks much more effective than using bubble bags, which always get clogged up. Thanks crazyhorse73 :cool:🤟
Another thing Deach this method can be used with just the work bag that takes out the vegetative material. You half fill a bucket with trim and top up with ice and water. Paint stirrer attachment on a drill, agitate. Put the waste bag over the mouth of the fermentor or another bucket and pour it all in. Should be left with hash and water in the second reservoir and used trim and ice in the bag. Once settled the water can be poured off the top or use the fermenter method or empty the whole lot through the hash collection bag. Can do multiple runs as well.
Sweet seeds have been producing F1 fast versions for a few years now.

Semi auto is the first cross auto to a photo making a semi auto, or faster photo- but no autoflower genetics are shown in the offspring until F2’s offspring you can find a small percentage and start sorting everything out.

please stop that bulshit

There's no reason that's not possible, but I'd like to see the values independently verified by someone like Energy Control.

Personally, I'm fascinated by the outdoor potential of auto hybrids as I live very far north and the climate can deteriorate quite quickly from mid September.

I've experimented outdoors & in a greenhouse with auto seeds from a few different breeders. I'd love to say I found a 25%+ auto, but it hasn't happened yet, and the quality of the buds & high didn't get me very excited, but...

There is no doubt at this stage that fem autos are here to stay, market demand will ensure that. Many people just want an Oz or two of no fuss homegrown bud and aren't going to be overly concerned with huge yields or connoisseur quality bud.

I wouldn't be surprised at a 25%+ auto coming down the line in a few years.

I'll be sticking with regular seeds and indoor gardening for the foreseeable future though!
So, uh, Bobberr, are you looking at the CBD MedGom auto auction?

That's the kind of auto I could get behind for further breeding & backcrossing!

Really tempted to bid full price just for a hash run :)


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Autoflower drop in process have some MNS gear on deck also! Going to drop them at another lab here in NY very soon. Pics will follow. I’m getting very excited now frens, I have over $30k investment in genetics and climbing. I didn’t hodl my bitcorn I bought seeds.. Maybe I can work for MNS someday…. We can all dream can’t we..
Anyway CBD at this point maybe not my top priority, but who knows what the tide can bring in. I feel at home here and am so glad to be here to learn from you all.. I know MNS has the gear I’ve been seeking but it took a bunch of research to find the old story’s.
I know there are true legends here and I hope to be one someday too.. I seen the post on Instagram of the grows Shanti down with outdoor and I’m blown away. I have a loyal team and I cannot do what I do without them. I will get some content focused on MNS very soon posted.
Someday have a big event maybe at my property here in NY ;)