NL5 x Afghan

NL5 x Afghan

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Product Description

NL5 x Afghan

When people/growers and medical patients ask for a strain to incorporate flavor and effect then it is always a recommendation. The strength of combining different landraces of Afghanistan into a plant leads to strong flavors and fruitiness of fast flowering compact plants. This would be one of the most reliable plant strains for effect, time and time again… The plant can be susceptible to molding if the humidity is high during flowering, so be ready to harvest on the first signs of problems with molding.

NL5 x Afghan – Mr. Nice Seedbank


Contents of the packet:

a standard single pack contains 15 seeds… However, we also do add a couple of extras because you deserve it:). In addition, all of our seeds are regulars (non-feminized), giving you a 50/50 chance of either males or females. The aim of this is to ensure you have everything you need for all types of selection and infinite possibilities!

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