What are YOU smoking today? (PICTURES)

Medicine Man - Harvested 10/18/2022. Cured 20 months.

Medicine Man 07 08 24 1 .jpg

Nikon D7500 Crop-Sensor Camera
Nikon Nikkor 105mm Micro Prime Lens
Aperture = f/4
Shutter Speed = 1/250 sec
ISO = 100
A single exposure. No post processing. Just a lucky picture.

Photo taken outdoors on deck rail covered with Black Nylon LL Bean raincoat. Bokehlicious background is yard grass and trees. Unknown rock. As a known rock collector people are always handing me rocks and buds which I fail to catergorize. Setup looked something like this:

Setup 1671108363056.png
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Lucky as fuck guys couldnt believ it :) finally got the permisson for buying legal weed at the dispansary and for the first try i got my hands on some Nordle even before i got my first straw from auctions.
Wonderful looking buds and some unique smell and taste. Kudos to Shanti for that Strain! Guess they selected an afghani phenotype because its hitting hard and right into the bed when the first skunky turn leaves.
Can anyone of you maybe recommend some other MNS strains that are available in dispensarys?
15g Nordle for 70€ is quite amazing. Thank you Shanti for makeing and preserving such great genetics. For sure on of my Top 10 Strains around the world and high medical value for pain, sleep aid and muscular relaxation.
I'm out of touch as I've been growing my own for years. I did a quick check and found Jack Herer for $40/3.5 grams and 1/4 oz of Dosido for $80 :eek: So in that light looks like you are getting a bargain lol. Play on brother.

for me its way under the street price that is around 5-15€ and one of the cheapest in dispensary where its around 4,5-15€. Guess you in N-America have much better prices then we got. but to be honest this is a price that i can pay for something made only biological and under medical standard. sadly i cant make myself enough at my place atm because i only got one room without any garden so looking for at least something with small balcony has to be because i dont get enough for myself out of my 0,3 m².