What are YOU smoking today? (PICTURES)


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Posted in my Holy Grail thread earlier. She draws and tastes of mango. Still young, she has a great nose, a semi-sweet smoke. Seeing things in smaller and smaller divisible parts. Haha, it should lend itself well to warm, summer nights.

hg #2 9_7_21.jpg



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@Cannalicous said: "Not smoking or vaping anything."

Join the club, Cannalicious! I did not smoke or vape any Lemon Haze yesterday! I did not take a ride in my 1987 Grand National either. Why is the Grand National America's car - It has the word Nation in it!(maybe belongs in the joke thread?)

1987 Grand National that I did not take a ride in. Let a pot head sit in it though. In an effort to keep my plants under the 6 foot privacy wall I started them 2 months later, with 80% less light, no nutes, no fan, I guess the Master Kush x Skunk
plants were not paying attention! I have to wonder what they would be like in the ground at the normal time!
LH A1.jpg

Lemon Haze
LH A 2.jpg

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Haha awesome guys, still got weed though. But there are issues that needed to be handled.
Those 3 Critical Hazes are fully flowering now and stealing the show. MNS strains are the best. Those 3 CH will yield higher then 6 oters together from a different breeder.
I’ll be back when I feel that blessing coming over me again.
God bless you all.