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Hello All,

I didn't want to have to use my micro box again, it's not the best enviroment but circumstances have left me with not much choice.

I'm undergoing chemotherapy, there is no legal medical here and my supply has been dry for weeks.

Ready to go into paper towels -

3-4 Days above ground -

Also pictured are a few fem freebies I got couple years back, 1 x GG#4xWW (Pretty sure she is dying from damping off), 2 x OG#18 and 1 x Phantom OG.

All seedlings got a little leggy, they were all under 1 x 23w CFL until yesterday, so I built them new veg light and buried there stems.

I made the mistake of lending my light to a mate to get him started about a year ago and still trying to get it back off him.
Hey braddah!

Great to see you taking matters into your own hands. Looks like the peeps will get a good idea of the Doors variety with so many posted grows lol. That's a good thing and good to have you on board. It's even a better thing that you have decided to take responsibility for your own health without waiting for some no name MF's telling you how you should do it. Many prayers for your health and wishing you success in finding good medicine.

Hello all,

Been a couple weeks since my last update I think we're at 19 days from seed now.

Mistakes were made by me, Its been a long time since ive grown ganja in dirt and Monday this week I noticed a decrease in growth, I assumed it was due to the pot size to plant size and assumed id just over watered so it would sort it's self out by the next day.

I was wrong, I didn't get a chance to check the plants again until Wednesday and by then most where showing a N deficiency and 1 was showing P deficienc, a quick light feeding at 100 ppm and it seems to be sorted, although the plant showing P deficiency is still looking a little off, could it be something else maybe ?

The Doors were off to a slower start then the rest, took a day longer to break soil and stretched a lot due to my poor lighting setup at the start but there now the biggest and best looking plants in the bunch, the roots on all the doors plants are exploding out the air bags, none of others have roots breaking though the air bags.

The Doors:

The Others:
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They look great for 19 days.
What size containers will you be finishing in given it’s a micro grow?
Hello indi,

I will not be flowering the seed plants, once there big enough to take clones from they will move to my friends mother room and I'll flower them out from clones.

I'm thinking I'll use a coco+pumice medium in hempy buckets, still need to find some containers, I'm thinking about a 3 litre capacity will give me the best yield and help control the stretch, may still need to do some training we will see.
Hello all,

Sorry for the late update guys, grow is still in veg mode at this time I've had a couple of disasters this grow, these girls were neglected badly during chemotherapy week and the week after but things seem to be back on track now.

What started as a little bit of a N deficiency turned into an excess of K for The Doors plants, I initially thought I must have a pH lock out but with further diagnosis I've come to the conclusion they were hit with to higher dose of K.

Not a problem soon as I suspected a pH lock out I flushed everything and a few days later up potted everything and everything has come right.

My other disaster is my old carbon filter was packed away in a box that got crushed and wet, it's ruined so now I've got to find the funds for a new one before flowering anything out.

Anyway, Ladies and Gentalmen I present to you The Doors:
Group, doors_compress42.jpg1, doors_compress11.jpg1, doors top_compress76.jpg2, doors_compress82.jpg2, doors top_compress64.jpg3, doors_compress98.jpg3, doors top_compress78.jpg4, Doors_compress42.jpg4, Doors top_compress23.jpg
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Aloha brah!

Yay! More Doors plants. Sounds like you are dialing it in. Keep it comin and see you at the finish line. Uh, what's the towel for?

Kia Ora Mu,

I wish I had put down more Doors seeds instead of those fem seeds, I'm very impressed with the Doors vigour they've put up with a lot from me.

Most definitely still dailing these Doors plants in, as I mentioned earlier I've never grown ganja indoors in dirt, it's been hydro all the way and I'm looking forward to getting cuts off these plants and returning to hydro, I'll feel much more confident when I do.

The towel was from a previous grow I did last year, I had issues raising humidty so I set up a PC fan to blow across a wet towel and a few sauces of water.

No need for the towel this grow, 8 plants packed in that tiny space in dirt, there is plenty of humidity going on.

I should of mentioned the photos are all in order from D1 to D4, D1 and D4 have caught my attention, they are the lankiest, have the thinnist bladed leaves and have the most developed branching, D2 and D3 look pretty 50/50 hybrid, both have a stronger scent then D1&D4, D3 has a slight onion scent. I'm excited to see what happens during flowering.
Hello all,

Finished my last round of chemotherapy on New Years eve and I've had a few days to recover so it's time for an update.

Things were a little wilted in the grow box today, Doors 1 and 4 looking like they needed my attention a day earlier but I'm doing my best in my circumstances they will deal.

Things are getting interesting, pre flowering is showing and to my delight Doors 1, 2 and 4 are all girls, Doors 3 is undecided.

Doors 1 and 4 still my firm favourites, I keep rubbing there stems so I can better describe there smell but I'm terrible at describing smells so I'll put it simply, skunk and sweet spices.

Sorry about the terrible photos, 1st photo is The Doors lined up, second is of the over filled grow box, seed plants to be moved in next few days to there final home and I'll flower these girls from clones, when things get more interesting I'll bring out the big camera :)

Aloha brah!

It fascinates me how plants physically express themselves depending on heat, light, nutrient, humidity, medium, etc. Your plants seems similar to Andy's with fat leaves during veg. Marcus and myself show skinnier leaves. Yet the flower on Marcus' plants seem more sativa like, similar to the Neville's whereas my flower is dome shaped. If I didn't notice the leaf trait, I could swear I was growing Master Kush lol. Thanks for posting up braddah!

Yeah I second that Mu. The start of my Doors plants were in a small grow space in Auto pots, always water in trays so high humidity . Medium to high temps at the time in Oz.
Had fat leaves just like your baby's Dk.
Interesting point about the environment, never thought off it like that.

Awesome Doors you have there
Kia Ora,

Sorry it's been so long since an update, but to be fair there isn't anything to exciting to report that's grow related, I do have some big non grow related news however, I finished chemotherapy almost 1 month ago and I'm now in recession !

Back to the plants, things are moving forward, seed plants moved into there new home almost a month ago, I took 30 cuttings off them and 27 of the 30 survived, by far my most successful experience cloning ever, all doors cuttings(18 of the 30) successfully rooted in 7 to 10 days.

As I'm hugely restricted in grow space I kept 12 clones for myself and gifted the rest to a friend, I ditched the other strains and have gone with 4 x Doors #1 and Doors #4, 2 x Doors #2 and Doors #3.

All clones have been repotted into 1.2 litre hempy buckets(Orchid Pots) about 5 days ago, I gave them a light feeding at 150ppm to let them get established and they're growing strong again so today I'll feed them at 300ppm, give them a little bit of time to get a bit bigger and I'm guessing in about 5 more days or less I'll be switching to 12/12.

Aloha brah!
Very good news! Full support here. Keep it going, keep it coming.

Aloha nui loa
Kia Ora,

Thank you all for your support, much appreciated.

I'm looking for a bit of advice, it's been about 5 days now since my last update I was hoping to flip the girls today but I'm not happy with the very slow growth on a couple of my girls.

This is my first grow in coco coir, I mixed about 20% pumice in with it and have been feeding at about 400ppm with each watering like I would in hydro, I added 100ppm of calmag last feeding.

I have not been feeding daily like some suggest because the root ball was quite small on a few clones I wanted to encourage the roots to grow down into the res before starting daily feeding.

The 2 problem clones were very small when I took the cuts only about 2 inches tall but are growing, they have both grown 2 new sets of leaves since potting into the hempys but remain very small still at only about 2.3 inches tall now.

I think my problem is these small clones are just that, too small and require more veging time to catch up but I thought I'd ask the experts here because someone's got to know a lot more about Coco then myself and maybe there is something I should do specific to coco.