The Doors - Micro Grow.

Too cold, Locked down.

Kia Ora all,

Day 71 flowering.

They have a virus of sorts Mu, it's to dam cold !

The Bad:

D1 & D4 are both struggling after weeks of cold nights, D1 is mostly dark purple and has lots of dead patches etc. My other D3 girl threw a banana, I suspect the temperature swings from day to night might have contributed to that.

The Good:

D2 is so close to ready just giving her a few more days, D3 is finishing up faster then expected, D4 should finish up before the cold kills them, giving them an extra week and D1 finally started to fatten up & smell.

The temperature is all over the place at the moment at about 20C-24C during the day dropping down to 9-10ish C at nights maybe colder, I needed to start flowering these girls out 4 weeks earlier or I need some heating ..... Problem is I don't have a heatmat or anything to heat the space and we're still in lockdown so I can't buy anything.

-Spice, leather, incense.
-Nice frost, getting better, yield looks light.
-4ish weeks maybe.
-Sewage, Dank, Oil.
-Heavy frost, nice looking yield.
-About done, few more days to a week.
-Skunky, Oily, Dank.
-Heavy frost and yield.
-1-2 weeks.
-Pine, eucalyptus.
-Heavy frost and average yield.
-1 more week and if no progress she is done.
Kia Ora brah!

I was commenting on the presence of trichs as a virus lol. I am sorry to hear of your challenges. Your comments explain alot as to the condition of the plants in terms of stunted growth. Amazing they've gotten this far in the cold conditions you speak of. Sounds like we need to sent you a care package ;) Are you able to receive mail there or do they really have the boot on you braddahs? Hoping for the best.

Kia Ora,

I know Mu lol I was saying it's the cold frosting them up, never had to deal with such low temperature in an indoor grow wish I had a small HPS or heatmats, silly LED lights put out zero heat.

It's a real shame D1 is so far off and hating the cold so much, she is different from the others, long caterpillar buds, the most exotic smell I've ever smelt, it's like no weed I've smelt before it's a complex aroma of spice, incense, eucalyptus, leather, tobacco and ceder.

We are sort of receiving mail, essential mail comes though but it takes a week, all non essential mail is being thrown into a pile and gets to you eventually, still confined to our homes for another 2 weeks but the rules are relaxing slightly .... We can internet/phone order and pick up starting tomorrow as long as the business meets social distancing guidelines blah blah blah.

I suspect they won't die from this cold, they will finish but with reduced yields :mad:
Um, 10c is 50f.
Certainly not too cold, not even close.

My current outdoor was planted in January and did just fine thru a good 8-10 frost/freezes.
I personally think 50 is about perfect for lights off and I shoot for 70-75f with lights on for Indis and 82-85 for sats.

The outdoor sats are rolling with 100-110 temps right now and thriving.
I have never seen longer leaf fingers even back in the 70's.
12-14 inch long leaves....damn ditch weed :)
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Kia Ora n2ishun,

The 9-10C nights won't kill them suddenly no but the phosphorus deficiency caused by the cold will eventually and with no way to heat the space it's not going away, its alright D2 & D3 will be fine they don't seem to mind the cold too much, D4 is very close to being chopped anyway and D1 will survive I'll just not get as much weight as I could have if temperatures were a bit warmer.

If I'd started flowering 3-4 weeks earlier it would of been perfect timing, I agree the cold brings out the best colours and aroma from your buds.

I ran out of weed yesterday so I quick dried and smoked some lowers off D2, very nice potency for some quick dried lower buds, has a creeper high, not super hazey she has a little bit of body but mostly head high I'd give it 7/10 better then what I've been smoking for sure.

I've cut some D4 for tonight;
When the music's over...

Kia Ora,

D2 & D4 felt my secateurs on Saturday morning, RIP girls your off to a better place ... My lungs :D

I've tried a quick dried sample of D3 & D4 since I last posted, D4 has a moderately strong hazey high, a little body and longish lasting effect similar to D2 but a little hazeier.

D3 I had written off, I've been calling her the average girl because what I had sampled of the seed plant was average ...... Boy was I wrong, she is potent hazey smoke ! Seriously mind bending, soaring, long lasting, euphoric high, no noticable body to her.

-Couple more weeks ... I think :rolleyes:

-Cut at Day 77
-She is quite a dense girl, much heavier then the D4 girls

-Lighter for scale, these are in 1.5 litre(1/3 gallon) pots.
-Planning to cut at day 84 ....
-Gave her to much N last feed

-Cut at Day 77
-Not much yield to these girls
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Hey brah!

Getting down to the finish line. Where will you go next braddah?

Kia Ora,

I had intended to grow NHxM next but then a miracle happened, I mentioned earlier in the thread about my wife's disapproval of my growing ? She's cool about it now after trying some Doors :cool:

She has requested I grow her some "Get shit done weed" and with the cold settling in for the next 3 months I've decided it's probably best to put off the haze dom stuff for warmer weather anyway.

"Get shit done weed" is really called Liquorice Bud, it's breed by a New Zealander who goes by the alias Bambi or Lounge Lizard Seeds, he was once an active member here someone might remember the name.

It's a hybrid of his New Zealand Super Skunk x Humboldt, it starts with a super motivated, energetic high and mellows into a relaxed body high.

I plan to upgrade the grow space over winter too now that I've got the wife on side, so I should have more room and a better environment for NHxM come spring time.
Awesome news!!! Always so much easier when the wife approves. I wish you much luck with your gsd grow i wonder what the Humboldt the ss is crossed with. Hope you hang around and share some pics!
Awesome news!!! Always so much easier when the wife approves. I wish you much luck with your gsd grow i wonder what the Humboldt the ss is crossed with. Hope you hang around and share some pics!

Kia Ora,

It's NZ Super Skunk x Sagarmatha Humboldt, he was an outdoor grower in the 80s and it took him 17 years he claims to stabilise a unique hybrid using his old seedstock.

I'd quite like to cross a haze to his super skunk :D

Speaking of haze ... D3 came down yesterday, 84 days:
AWESOME NEWS :cool: Now i expect great things from your garden ofcourse :D

D3 seems potent :cool:

Don't say that Byron :eek: set expectations very low please :p not going much bigger ... For now, fingers crossed for legalisation maybe I should wait until after the vote before doing a grow room upgrade since it's less then 4 months away.

The quick dried sample of D3 was very potent, very pleased with the high, starts out with a devastating head high, 1 hit and the eyes pop wide open, a tingly/pressure sensation fills your face and you've forgotten where you are, mellows into a long lasting soaring/mind expanding high, no noticable body to this one, pungent aromas of hash and skunk.

I'll keep a basic journal for the liquorice bud grow, my focus is going to be on maximizing her since I already know this strain and I'm feeling more confident with coco/LED growing now.
This is the end...

Kia Ora,

All good things must come to an end, D1 was chopped 3 days ago at 92 days flowering.

I've been battling with the weather to get D2, D3 & D4 dried, 15 days hanging D2 & D4 were still almost as wet as the day they were chopped, a combination of low temperatures and high RH have made it impossible to dry without some environment control.

To my wife's disgust I had to bring all the buds inside the house to finish drying, a few days later buds are crispy but stems still flexible, after a lot of putting buds into jars, removing from jars, putting back into jars, airing jars etc etc I got there.

Time for the first smoke reports, D4 is up first;
Aroma: Pine and Hash, Really like her aroma it's mostly pine with a hint of hash. 8/10

Flavour: Menthol/Pine and Hash, Very smooth pleasing flavour. 8/10

Potency:Average to good, nothing special here. 6/10

Weight: Poor to Average, worst equal yield of the lot. 4/10

High:Mellow Head high and body high, sadly D4 falls short here, high is enjoyable very mellow nice for unwinding but nothing special here. 5/10

The high is worth at least 80% of the total score to me and D4 falls short sadly, nice night time smoke enjoyable but nothing special here.

Overall: 6/10

Up next D2,
Aroma: Hash and Skunk, my least favourite of the lot but I love the smell of weed. 6/10

Flavour: Tyres, Hash and Skunk, this one needs more cure, it's a little harsh still but I get the general idea of it's taste. 5/10

Potency: Same as D4. 6/10

Weight: Best of the lot, same / more then D4 and half the amount of plants. 8/10

High: Again falls short, same type of high as D4. 5/10

Same as D4, the high falls short, it's a nice mellow night time smoke that doesn't couch lock you but it's not what I'm looking for from The Doors.

Overall 6/10.

Don't worry boys the best are yet to come, as I mentioned in my early smoke report of D3, D3 has the haze effect in all her mind bending glory I'm looking forward to sampling her next week.
Hey Dkeppel!

thanks for the test result off D4&D2 :cool: always nice to read how they taste and smoke from the growers view.

Flavour: Menthol/Pine and Hash, Very smooth pleasing flavour. 8/10

i should save this describtion :) My last LN smells like your Doors 4, especially the menthol/mint/hash shines tru. Really refreshing :cool:

you dont have a carbon filter? Drying you could do i a moving box, 12v pc fan and a carbon filter like they use in cooking extractorhood, then it can sit in the livingroom if need to :D

Im looking forward to hear the other smoke reports bro! See if you can convince me to do a grow with them aswell :):)
Kia Ora brah!

I understand NZ is no longer in lockdown. Good news! Sorry your environment wasn't more conducive to the grow. A dehumidifier sounds like the ticket. Hopefully you'll consider this plant again in warmer weather. Looking forward to your report on D3.

Kia Ora,

Can't believe I never finished my smoke report, terribly rude of me.

Not fresh in my mind anymore but there was a clear winner.

D3 was the best, D1 and D3 were very similar in high but D3 had the better weight, flowering time and potency, D1 had a unique smell but the yield was shocking, longer flowering time and slightly less potency than D3.