The Doors - Micro Grow.

Kia Ora,

I'm finally flowering these girls, I had to make the switch, if I veg any longer a few of these girls will out grow the box for sure.

Ive added a bit of MKP to there feed now at 550ppm, girls are growing well now, runts will remain the runts sadly there both D1 clones the most sativa of the group.

Here is a group shot day 1 of flowering, I'll be back when stretch is over.

Kia Ora braddah!
By the looks of them, they will finish around 122 cm or 4 feet.
Speaking of The Doors, I took the lower, seeded branches off of the plants last night. No doubt there will be a slight delay in growth due to repair but I reason more energy will now be put into what remains. Stress test anyone lol.
And of course, pulled a couple of smaller buds and put fire to them. Delicious, bright and flavorful considering- with an effervescent finish. Short lived high but alert, energetic, happy. I think you gonna like braddah. So far, I know I do :D
Keep it coming brah!


Kia Ora,

It's showtime boys, it's been a long road but things are finally getting interesting.

When I last posted the girls had been in flower for a single day, I made the stupid mistake of stopping the calmag in my feed for the first week of flowering and within the week the D2 pheno was growing bright yellow leaves and the growth had slowed dramatically on the rest of the girls.

I started the calmag again, reduced the amount of P/K in my feed just in case it was causing a lock out and the girls have been happy as Larry ever since, currently feeding at 650PPM, 5.9pH, RH sits between 40-60% and temperature's 24+ish C.

All girls have been staked, the D1 clones definitely need the support and D4 also as they get heavier, D2 & D3 look like they might self support, smell is starting to get stronger has a weed smell can't pick out anything tropical or haze at the moment.

Week 3 Flower

IMG_20200307_233153 (1)_compress43.jpg

D1 Top_compress63.jpgD1 Side_compress34.jpg

D2 Top_compress15.jpgD2 Side_compress46.jpg

D3 Top_compress18.jpgD3 Side_compress79.jpg

D4 Top_compress9.jpgD4 Side_compress75.jpg
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Kia Ora brah!

Let the show begin! Excited to see how they turn out. Thanks for sharing your grow. I can’t wait to sample this variety after the cure.

Thanks Mu, I'll do my best but dam you and Marcus have set the bar high!

The seed plants were only moved a minutes drive away, my mate has abused them pretty bad, he flowered them without good ventilation, under HPS during a hot NZ summer, most days his temperature was reaching up to 41C his rh around 20%, he would forget to water them until they were almost dead but not a single banana in sight, superb breeding I guess.

All seed plants have been harvested, D1 & D4 were chopped to early as I expected of him he has no patience, there drying still so i've yet to try a sample sadly but can say these plants produced some seriously fat, long, resin covered colas, looks very nice.
Kia Ora all,

Time for an update, we're at day 31 of flower, buds have started to bulk up and so has the smell, Fuel, Dank, Oily, Sweet are adjectives that come to mind.

It's a real shame my photos don't do these girls justice, How do you get those trichromes to sparkle in your photos ?

Slightly reduced the N in my feed this week, feeding at 600PPM, pH 6, RH sitting at 50 to 60% and temps are 21 to 24ish C during the day.

Group Shot:




Kia Ora,

Day 43 of Flowering and Day 3 of the 4 week minimum Nation wide Covid-19 self isolation lock down.

I messed up boys, a few days after my last update I noticed some light bleaching on the tips of most the girls top buds and it then took me another few days before I found some time to correct the problem.

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03-15-2020, 06:44 PM
Kia Ora all,

Time for an update, we're at day 31 of flower
03-27-2020, 05:26 PM
Day 42 of Flowering and Day 3 of the 4 week minimum Nation wide Covid-19 self isolation lock down.

Check your math bro.... I think you're not at the stage you think you're at.
Not suggesting anything, just want YOU to have that whole solid handle on things.
Thanks n2ishun, your right should be Day 43 I'll correct that.

Still a while off for sure, my mate harvested the seed plants at about 10 or 11 weeks, I can't be sure I didn't flower them out or harvest them and my mate doesn't pay attention. D2&D3 looked about ready, D1 was weeks off and D4 looked a few weeks off too maybe.
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Kia Ora, Day 51 of flowering:

Still going, starting to see some brown hairs on the D2 pheno, a couple here and there on the others. Feeding slightly less nitrogen and uped the P/K a little still about 650ppm.

Now let's play spot the banana !

I'm 99% certain this banana is from light stress, this girl is 2 inches taller then the rest, her sister appears normal and no signs of bananas on anyone else. I'm not sure if I should just pluck off the bananas, cut the top off or pull her altogether, I'm leaning towards cut her top off, that way she is the same height as her sisters too.




The bananna is on D3..

i would cut that top off, if it indeed is a bit closer to the lamp. Hope this will be all she shows. culling is still an option if she start throwing nanners all over.
Ive got a LN that starts to throw some nanners probably wind stress in my case. Im plucking those away as much as possible, but do expect to find seeds in my crop.

the start of frosting looks nice on them :cool:
Off with her head

Hopefully D3's sisters learnt a lesson today, you shouldn't throw bananas or I'll cut off your head. :mad:

They've been frosty looking since week 3, its not a sticky resin you can handle the buds and you don't have sticky fingers, it feels sort of greasy if you know what I mean and the smell is very dank and oily. Smells a lot like an engineers workshop.

A few weeks ago the temperature dropped and they've been getting darker ever since, the D4 pheno has hints of purple it's probably my favourite pheno but it's all about how she smokes at the end of the day.

I had a quick look at D2 under the microscope and she is getting there, mostly clear/cloudy, some cloudy but no amber yet, D4 is also starting to brown off a little and D1&D3 both look miles off...

Normally I'm quite patient but being stuck at home because of this lock down is testing my patiences, here's a song that sums up my feelings:
This is really inspiring stuff, Dkeppel! It's very cool what you've done with a small space. They say that if there's a will, there's a way..

So Frosty, but it's not even Christmas yet.
End is near .... for some.

Kia Ora all,

Day 61 of flowering.

Thanks BB, I wish it was a much larger grow space but the wife says "Hell no", she doesn't want me to grow at all until prohibition is lifted. She's busted me a few times over the years but this time she compromised, I can have my micro grow but she doesn't want it all year around or to smell it, which sucks because I need a bigger space and/or to grow perpetually to have enough year round..... I'm working on it, she smokes so hopefully a bit of the doors will change her mind :D

-Not much smell, yet.
-Nice resin production.
-Slowest, Looks to be at least 4+ weeks, 14 to 16 weeks from clone.

-Stinky, Dank, Sewer sort of smell.
-Heavy resin production.
-Fastest, about 9 more days approx, 10 weeks approx from clone.

-Stinky, Skunk, Sweeter smell then D2.
-Heavy resin production.
-Middle of the road, about 16 to 23 more days approx, 12ish weeks from clone.

-Pine, Menthol, Eucalyptus, almost no weed smell to her.
-Highest resin production.
-Fastest, about 9 more days approx, 10 weeks from clone.

Notes to self:

Feeding at approx 150ppm Calcium nitrate, 100ppm MgSO4, levels below 150ppm calcium nitrate display cal/mag deficiency, potassium toxicity and zinc deficiency. Maybe something to do with CEC of Calcium and Potassium in coco coir, I suspect isn't so much a deficiency in calcium but an imbalance of calcium to potassium available. Have instead reduced Potassium Nitrate level to lower nitrogen levels in feed.
Hi Dkeppel,

Good to read your medicine is on the way! :cool: I think you are right about the nutrients, that its a imbalance instead of deficiency. they dont seem burned by the high levels of N, so your about just in time to lower the feeding on them.

Keep em coming bro! happy growing.

...I wish it was a much larger grow space but...

No "ands", "ifs", "buts" about it! We could all use a much larger grow space these daze :D I occasionally buy lottery tickets with that in mind. I am liking the eucalyptus ones these days. It has been difficult deciding who stays and who goes. What I do like about the Doors is the dry kief. Leaves my grinder clean! Good stuff and your wife should be pleased considering all that you are doing- is for her benefit haha. Keep it coming brah!

DKeppel, your micro-grow is awesome! Great resin production. I'm not an expert, but they have much darker leaves than my grow of The Doors did, or maybe it's the light or the camera. I fed mine about 600 ppm in coco coir. With sativas and haze hybrids less can be more.

I'm excited to hear how they smoke!

What I do like about the Doors is the dry kief.
That was a uniform, across-the board characteristic of all the plants I grew from The Doors. The resin on the flowering plants was granular, not sticky. Lots of kief gets sprayed when you break up the dried buds. My sons love that about The Doors.
Kia Ora all,

The leaves arn't deep green because of a nitrogen toxicity, it's due to a Phosphorus deficiency due to the cold weather, that's why I've got all the pretty purples and such going on.

The great thing about measuring my own salts is that I know pretty accurately how much of each macro nutrient is in there, there has been around 100ppm of nitrogen in my feed since about week 6, D2 and D4 have had only about 46 ppm of nitrogen in there feed for about a week now. I've been feeding around 600 ppm the whole flowering cycle.

My photo's don't show the lower half of the plants but there is lots of fade going on lower down, it's quite pretty lots of purple, it got quite cold suddenly around week 6 and the last week it's been falling below 10C (50F) at night.

I'm loving the eucalyptus, piney smell, it happened suddenly over 48 hours, I hadn't noticed any pine smells up until 4 days ago, it's great for clearing a stuffy nose I got the smell stuck on my upper lip for hours last night :D

Not sure how the slowest of the group is gonna take this cold, she will live but yield will be hurt a lot I think.