The Doors - looking for my L.A woman

Hi fam, so here we are at day 53 of 12/12 and although the ladies are a bit short they seem to take at least 14 weeks, even with the colder temps and reduced height of this round.

Its funny to watch the differences between last round and this one. There's almost no spacing in between the internodes now making them look like they're all bud.
I now regret removing some of the "lesser" branches as they could have yielded massively despite their short size. They were all mad bushy and i was counting on the stretch of the dominant branches after removing the weaker ones but that somehow never happened. Looking back i realise the blue in LED plus colder temps make for stockier plants that stretch less and need longer veg before switching 12/12. Toll paid, we only learn by experience.

The HS have been very slow to show sex. The cuts were taken from seed plants that were just over 30 days so age is a factor here. But with at least 6 weeks left for the Doors in the flower tent and 50 cm of overhead won in the propagator for the seed plants i'm not in a hurry. You cant rush nature and if they need more time, thats what they will get.
Hi fam, so here we are mid week 10 and the ladies are getting brick heavy.
They fill up much faster than last round and i assume they will be done between 95 and 100 days this time.
The Holy Smokes finally decided to show sex, that is 7/8. The score so far is 3 confirmed males, 4 confirmed females and 1 still uncalled. The fems are HS 1,2,7,8.
HS#3 is the one still uncalled and seems to be something very long flowering. Sex clones of HS 9 and 10 were already taken and will soon show, 11 to 14 will be sex cloned this weekend. With 4 already confirmed females and 7 more seed plants to sort out it seems i will have plenty of fems this round. Cant wait to give them a go!
Hi fam, its been a while since my last update as i have been quite busy lately so here we go.
Holy Smoke 9 and 10 both turned out to be female bringing the total now to 6 fems. Still waiting for 11 to 14 to show sex, 2 of them are runts and 2 good plants but any fem now will be extra as i already have enough fems for a full house.


Meanwhile in the flowertent things are coming to an end. We are at day 90 now and although the top buds can do with an extra week a big part of the plants are at peak ripeness. Last few days i lost some to mold as the buds are so insanely chuncky this round so i am not going to risk loosing half the crop and will harvest in the next 48 hrs.
Gotta give props to the Lumatek Zeus pro LED for the insane weight of the buds. The plants being a bit small was my own fault for taking a bit too much measures to keep her under control but other than that i cant complain about the end result because every single bud on the plant is heavy like a brick. Here's some shots...