Testers Needed for the Grail widow, Widow AC and 3 Regular Untested CBD enriched strains from CBD crew new work.


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Hi All

hope 2013 is going well for you all.

Listen it is getting to a stage where i need help with some independent testing of some generations of hybrids. What I have coming in the next weeks is Widow Grail, Widow x AC, and 3 new regular CBD enriched strains...and I need a little bit of a commitment on these for testing. Unlike most of testing i did i was already doing them myself , so the testers were extra. However on these strains for now I only have a few of the regular CBD enriched strains in testing...and will not find room for the rest this up and coming season. So if you are prepared to let me know how you are growing and what you would commit to to test and get seed from MNS to do so, then please pm me before 15th of April 2013 and I will select at least 10 people per strain.

You can add comments here for now as there is still 4 weeks before i will be ready to send these fresh seeds out to the testers.

All the best sb
Count me in....


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hey Toker.....I do believe that all the testers have been handed out now and all the extra's sold at this point my friend. I am sure there will be more opportunities in the future, so hang in there.
No worries i test around a lot, and am in no hurry, But , i cant wait for my shot:)


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Haha I was thinking the same cross as I have 6 hgk and a bw male. Also I want to pick a cbd 3 male to cross. What made you pick ur hgk keeper or did u select her? Im about 2 weeks into flower with them

nuggs growman

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EiI would love to be apart of the next round I have plenty of space and can post picts and document smoke report and test wish I would have took part in last test that grail widow and ac/dc would have been jems :)


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If the Grail is made from parents that have been used for past mns strains then my best guess is BW x Haze-C. Perhaps it is the mother widow used in Shark crossed with Haze-C.


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Now that the tests are nearing completion, it would be great to know the real genetics in the Grail Widow. I know some members have been let in on the secret, what about the rest of us?




oooooohhhhh wicked not a happy chappy.....am I right in thinking you had cbd 2 as testers that's what I've got,not cracked em yet though


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I realize testing for this is long over, but if there is are any more opportunities down the road I would love to partake!


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Haha...I won't tell wat it is but I do know one mother. Shanti told me not to tell anyone but he will let everyone know.