Testers Needed for the Grail widow, Widow AC and 3 Regular Untested CBD enriched strains from CBD crew new work.


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It's been years since this was explained to me. The digi bulbs are sun pulse. And they start different. Pulse start vs probe start. They were exspensive to me. I pay 55$ for 1000w hps. The pulse starts were 160$. I've ran the cheap bulbs for years with no problems. I had a 400w phantom and used the Phillips bulbs from Home Depot 20$. I was only speculating that the bulb is the problem and could be completely wrong. And as I said no problems before flip box. Great info tho everyone and Sorry for taking the thread off topic.


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Hi All

just to inform you of a few things.

Sent out almost 75% of the testers packs already and if I do not hear from the remainding winners I will make those few packets available to others so please pm me to get up and running on this project.I will wait until the 20th of April then any packs left will go up for grabs.

Some notes for those testers about to get started...without revealing or biasing the testers.

CBD1 will be mainly Indica dominant so treat it like that type of plant.

CBD2 will be an equal mix of sativa and indica dominance so treat it as such.

CBD 3 will be Sativa dominant and I personally feel this will be the plant with higher THC levels and higer CBD levels if we go on the parents lab tests...please be careful this plant may stretch a lot and will be the longest in flowering...think btn 11-14 weeks.

Grail Widow will be Sativa dominant and subject to stretch in the first 2 weeks possibly 3 weeks. This plant can be topped up to 4 weeks into flowering...I believe it will be 12 weeks flowering in general a few more a few less. The thing to concentrate on here will be resin production and aromas.

Widow AC will be the wild card in a small seed batch. While i expect it to be strectching in the first 2 weeks flowering quite a bit, scent, flavour and weight will be the factors i would be considering on this strain...As for flowering time anything btn 9-13 weeks possible.

So without revealing all the details of the genetics until most testers are up and running these are some factors to help those testers get sorted and testing...

A photo in a few stages of growing. A photo in a few stages of flowering. A finished flowering photo ...a smoke report and lab test are the things i wish testers to consider for MNS and CBD-crew while undertaking this project .

For the rest I wish you all an exciting time and will make a few new headers for the testers to do their thing under strain section but till then just write the strain and add the thread to general in strain area. I will sort it out soon all the best sb


Grail Widow will be Sativa dominant and subject to stretch in the first 2 weeks possibly 3 weeks. This plant can be topped up to 4 weeks into flowering...I believe it will be 12 weeks flowering in general a few more a few less. The thing to concentrate on here will be resin production and aromas.
yeah Shanti!!!!!

thanks for the infos ...

....and just a little question about the aromas?is it Incensed?



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Hi All

if you do mind i said what is needed to grow these tester packs and more would only influence people so i will refrain from any more help at this moment to keep things unbiased.All the best sb


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maybe being selected for the cbd-2 will be interesting sine I have not a plant that stretched in a long time being the constant indica lover.......I am anxiously awaiting the nw arrivals and if you have not read my grow room post then please do to see what I have instore for these babies once they arrive.
I have 7'8'' height for these bitches to grow into.....so with the light I would say the could grow 6' tall and have 8" between the top of the plant and the nice cool glass from the hood.....you can lay the top of your hand on my light glass....it will have 800cfm pulling through it 8" ventilation.....I always thought the Raptor Hood was 6" but min is 8"
Definitely the same here for my CBD 3 test which is supposed to stretch the most of all 3. My standards are Indicas or hybrids at most.
Very excited.
I will definitely not veg them much. Flip to flowering 4-5 days after they hatched. Maybe I'll give them MH light for a while.

How many should I plant in my 1m x 1m (3ftx3ft) space?
Intuitively I'd plant 15, expecting 60% females = 9 plants


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Thanks ! Z 7 ,CBD3, YAHOO.

So yesterday, im back on the auctions,TRYING to get some of the cbd strains to fall my way. I find one knowone has bid on yet.Then i go do some quick research. Sounds like just what i need. SO I PLACE MY BID.

Now its getting like 8 or 9 P.M. I figure to have a cup of tea,watch a little television,until the television ends up watching me and,call it quits.

I just go through the forums one more time AND THERE IT IS.


I read the list twice,WELL MAYBE IN FUTURE,i thought.
its mis spelled a little, BUT THATS MY NAME


The description sounds as though it will be just the thing to make life a little more manageable. Just cannot believe it.

I havent told my family,but my lupus is progressing and,im having some troubling symptoms. But carry on and,all of that. Believe me,the z7,WILL RECEIVE MY BEST EFFORTS.

What about this moments meds. under flower.

WELL,my shit is ripening up nicely.It will be done shortly.Cant wait.
The SILVER L.A.,isnt to far behind. Looks good.
The stacked kush,WILL GET YANKED IF IT DOESNT GET A MOVE ON.Its very sativa dominant and,i would rather put a Z7 in there.

Should i go up a light size.. How many monster plants can i put in a 3 FOOT BY 6 FOOT CLOSET,with a 7 foot ceiling.
Really its 10 foot ceiling,but i put shelving in the top 3 feet for storage.
I dont believe im gonna let these plants get too big in veg.
After just one 7 foot tall super silver haze,i dont wanna do that too often.
Might be bend and,tie time.:D



And,i get to play a small part in the forward push.:cool:

Thank you all at cbd, mr. nice etal. I will give my best effort.--Smokie.


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Great to hear you we're selected to do the test! A 3x6 would be ideal for 2 600 w lights. Personally we are going to have similar set ups my rooms are broken into 3x9s just so I have a little room to get around the garden. I am cbd #3 and I was advised that they should be flowered from clone with a few nodes after only a few day veg I was told 4 days veg. So my plan is going to be 9 2-3 gallon pots per light. A trellis net should be used and lst training should be beneficial through the first 2 weeks of flower topping can also be used. Well I am excited as everyone to get started!

Joe King Park

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Project Z - The Remedy Plant

Smokieone; Is CBD3 The Project Z Series' The Remedy ? . I Grew The Z Series Testers Way Up North In Very Challenging Weather ( Indoors They Grew Nice And White And Frosty ;) )
This Z Series Grew Outdoors With Little Sun:( , However If You Look Close Up You'll See All The Resin ;)
If I'm Having Another Go At This Strain I'll Be A Little More In Tune To Her Needs. After All I'm Talking About A Complete Pharma Ditch Once Pheonix Tears Are Created From Harvest.
Heres Hoping We Get Back The 100 Hours Of Sunlight This Summer !! 100 Less Hours Of Sunlight And Constant Rain, Yet No Mould Issues;)
All The Best For Upcoming Season And Congratulations Too :)


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I havent been around these boards long and,really did not post much until the end of last year really.
I more or less,just read and,tried to absorb some knowledge.

Can you believe this opportunity. YOU GUYS PROBABLY CAN. You got reps.

I guess i will represent the average joe,closet grower :D

Yes weezy, i am cbd 3 also and,i too am gonna train these plants more than likely.

But i have been busy calling and,visiting some folks that i feel will be able to lend a good word and,a helping hand if needed. I was thinking of running a 400 and,600 in my space. I have the ventilation covered now.If the fan is turned up to high,IT GETS COLD IN THERE.
So air movement wont be an issue.

Sorry joe king park,but i am ignorant of the z7 strain really.
I was trying to win an auction because it sounds like THE HOLY GRAIL.
Yours looks beautiful. Very well grown and,the structure looks classic.
As a matter of fact,those pics look good enough to be used in am ad campaign. HOW DID YOU FIND THE EFFECTS ON YOURSELF TO BE ?

Lupus runs in my family and,i wouldnt be growing if it werent for my sisters doctor.
After her test results came back worse than expected and,strong narcotics stopped controlling her pain,he closed his office door.
Then he tells my sister ( You did not hear this from me.but you need to get yourself some cannabis. He told her other patients were having great success with cannabis,treating their symptoms.Then HE TELLS HER HOW TO INGEST IT IN DIFFERENT WAYS. ) Bravo for the doctor.

After going and,about having a heart attack a few times,TRYING TO SCORE FOR MY SISTERS BENEFIT,I went to the internet and,started geting seeds thru the mail and,GROWING OUR MEDS. MYSELF.

Something really is kind of karmic about the way this worked out for us.
Her lupus is much worse than mine and,i really hope this works for her.
I hate seeing her trying to keep up a brave face and,knowing how bad she is hurting. WHAT A BLESSING THIS IS.

I will be putting all of my other seeds in the old smeg and,let them chill for awhile. Maybe if the Z7 is as im praying,i can get rid of all others.

I am so excited,i slept for like 2 hours last night.
I have to go rest before i drop.
I will catch up with you guys later. Take care folks. - smokie.


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Cbd 3

When I read the description I couldn't help but smile. I like the sativa high indicas knock me out n I like to smoke all day. Can't wait till they arrive. im starting them instantly cuz realistically were talkin about the first of September for the #3's to be mature and ready to test and smoke.


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Stonesplitter _ maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me...do you plant micro greens in your pots around your seedlings?
That's genius....no wasted light or space!


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Any takers for an antipodean cupboard grow? I'm way novice but I figure it worth a shot?

Peace to you and am looking forward to the test grows :)