Testers Needed for the Grail widow, Widow AC and 3 Regular Untested CBD enriched strains from CBD crew new work.


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Hi All

hope 2013 is going well for you all.

Listen it is getting to a stage where i need help with some independent testing of some generations of hybrids. What I have coming in the next weeks is Widow Grail, Widow x AC, and 3 new regular CBD enriched strains...and I need a little bit of a commitment on these for testing. Unlike most of testing i did i was already doing them myself , so the testers were extra. However on these strains for now I only have a few of the regular CBD enriched strains in testing...and will not find room for the rest this up and coming season. So if you are prepared to let me know how you are growing and what you would commit to to test and get seed from MNS to do so, then please pm me before 15th of April 2013 and I will select at least 10 people per strain.

You can add comments here for now as there is still 4 weeks before i will be ready to send these fresh seeds out to the testers.

All the best sb

Lord Siva

The Grail Widow,that title seems to command some attention. Pulling up a chair, and clearing out some space.


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Hi,i take if i dont post pics i wont become a tester ,i do have a huge circle of lab rats willing to smoke test and give honest ops to me as the producer .sorry i dont post pics uk prehistoric laws.peace.


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glad to help

hey sb

i would be glad to test if you think my situation is appropriate for this project

46 north, outdoors only, organic,soil

peace, smokepole


Spare attic here for the taking

Hi shanti like I said there a attic here just a couple of jb's finishing of then were all ready for take of. I promise to do a full documented grow along with the bw u sent me. Caspa the ghost never brakes a prommise


nice! Can't wait to here more a bout the WidowGrail...best of luck to all selected, i gotta pass on this offer i have to still work out my CBD Nordle keeper and am rerunning all 5girls i had, the effects are so similar that i'm probably gonna go by CBD% then yield...keep them CBD strains coming, CBD Nordle has been a miracle


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I'm guessing...

Widow AC = widow female x ac male or vice versa?

Grail Widow = ?? nevilles haze x widow ???
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Grail Widow eh?

Anything you want tested at 31N and about 5000 ft above sea level?

Strong, strong, strong sun down here. I am pealing from a sunburn last weekend. Didn't freeze last season till mid December. I think this year will be Nice:D


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2easy's pics for reference

plants grown for testing purposes are grown small with no training so structure can be easily seen.

photos are high definition taken with DSLR Camera and have the ability to take macro shots also.



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well hell . . .

Shanti that sounds as cool as cool can be!

I would love to enter this lottery, however I am not currently prepared to be able to run (and record) anything new at this point.

Thank you for all the Help and seeds over the years!



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Hi All

ok sorry not to have mentioned this before publicly but could you please write either CBD or Grail when you pm me so i can work out who to place as testers for which strains....cheers.

Seems the seed will be ready in 3 weeks to send out so will keep this open till say the first week of April before announcing the testers here for the strains.
I already filled up the quota in less than a day after announcing it, but will be in contact to see who is serious this round and who is not so serious...as I did mention i need some help in testing i would prefer all who get picked contribute. So keep contacting me and if you get a pm back asking a question just answer it and pm it back so i can do my thing....all the best sb