SkHz 2013/2014

I like you:D

Yeah,I hate when a piece of equipment goes out.
Hope you don't get too hard a time replacing it.Do you mean a circulation fan as in an oscillating fan or an exhaust fan(compact fan)?

thanks for dropping by!
If I could talk to the plants I'd tell them that nice compliment you gave.Thanks again!
it was an a 6 inch clip on piece overpriced piece of shit hehe everything is done by the pennies at the moment but i got a non brand 12 inch box fan with oscillating effect whatever that means :p hopefully i wont be hearing that dreaded brrrrrrrrrr anytime soon
thanks tapioca i like you too and consider you a friend
ps: killed another male in the flower tent everythings going my way:rolleyes: haha and then there were less :eek:
yeah,I use one of those clip-on p.o.s. too:eek:

Culling males happens.(it's not really fun to disaccord a living thing...)Oh well,every time I get rid of something,I try to plant something else.You know,for balance.

peace bub
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well i planted 7 in all but its warranted as i'm going to let them veg out till i can clone them. i love keeping clones of the same strain i like the consistency in the medz. if i find something that works really well for me, great :)

i took my clip fan apart and it was the motor buzzing nothing i can do:eek:
i saw candyland in the l.a sativa entries 2014 and realized i had two i got free floating about oh there was ac/dc in the same category it looked mouth watering comes up 1st

mornin blaze jah :D

LA Medical Cannabis Cup 2014: Sativa Entries - YouTube
those clip on fans are fine long as they keep chugging on , mine lasted 6 months and came from a retail establishment. bit let down really, but hey new box fan is fine its weird though it has a grille that turns and directs the air around funny thing is it does :D
How do you guys know what to discard when you don't even flower out the plants??
Did you originally start with a pack of good beans and none where a keeper for ya? And you flowered none of them? I'm just trying to understand how you know what is a nice one? I've sprouted tons of seeds and you never know what the end product is gonna be like so I was wanting to know if you had a secret if those small plants were not any count?

Peace and thanks.
I started a pack of Skunk Haze when I really should have waited a little longer for more room to open up in the flower room.

I flowered out 10 Skunk Hazes, all at seedling stage, no more than 6-7" tall. Im delighted to say that although its minimal, these look like champions. Most display Skunk dominance in bud structure and smell, with 2 hazier exceptions, and 2 50/50s. Equal split pheno wise. I have em hanging. And they look delicious!!! I cant wait! 1.5ft plants in small pots (cant recall capacity) and yield is not important, quality is.

Sorry to bump this thread, but Skunk Haze is a true champ and hasn't recieved the recognition it demands it seems. This strain needs more documentation! Im sure i will order more Skunk Haze, searching for a keeper. Watch this space!!
Hi MrH, I too am interested in what this strain has to offer.
Please do follow up with your thread I will be watching..