SkHz 2013/2014


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At first I was a bit reluctant to share,but then I thought :"what the hay!"

A few weeks ago I planted twenty seeds of SkHz.All germinated (duh:p!) and grew into feasible subjects.I used one criteria and one criteria alone for the first "filter"...smell.

It has to smell skunky if it has the name Skunk!

I was lucky enough to get five out of twenty that are what I consider to be "potent".(as in you can't lie this shit got you high potent:rolleyes:.)
Wether they're male or female...hmmm.only time can tell I guess.

Now that it's a good week or two since I've thrown a few out,I look at what remains and wish so to tighten the size and profile have to be a part of the deal as well.There is one that is small and stiff,I'll indicate which one with the pics.(That one's gotta go.)
A good deal of them showed elegance and daintiness as far as how the leaves unfurl and how the serrations "stretch".I can tell,there is some high class shit in here:p ( smells like eating hard candy in the doghouse!)

There were a few that had more of an indica, squat like habit.They didn't please me olfactorily or visually...they had to go.

I'll share with you a few pics!

The first step;

new friends;

growin' ;
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What I consider to be a Hazier expression;

What I consider to be a Skunkier expression;

This is the more scrawny-like plant I was talking about.I don't know if it's anything to me or not.This run,I wanna go clone style...last time I grew a seed plant in this thingamajig I was a bit disappointed.

thanks for peeking:D


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beautiful plants Tapi !

I will be watching this thread if these are anything like the cbd sk/hz you will love the smell and resin ! good luck with your grow


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its a shame you ditched a bunch of plants before you even saw them flower.
sometimes they will surprise you.

what if you had all the quality of the haze in a faster, skunk heavy, more indica leaning plant?
That's what many people make the hybrids for.

But I like the sativas and your choices wont hurt you. you will definitely see the hazier side of things selecting as you did.

Good luck with the rest of the grow, I have a pack of these too and its up there on my list.
looking forward to seeing more of them.


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Good luck with your grow tapi!

Personally I am coming around to HairyKushna's way of thinking. One plant from my dreamtime grow (DT3) didn't impress me at all througout the grow, it didn't impress me at harvest time, but now it's been in a jar a few months, I'm not sharing any of it'! Really nice smoke, flavour is amazing but definitely for bedtime. :)
Good luck with the skunk/haze, I don't think you can go wrong with these genetics.


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I'm glad to see you guys popped in:p

@ Mega;
Thank you friend.I think you know how much your encouragement means to me:)

@ HairyKushna;
Thank you for the sage advice.I have no kind of snappy rhetorical;I'm sincere...any kind of advice or criticism will help build me a better garden (and life!!!).Next time around, I'll try to be a bit more diligent in how I handle these sorts of things.I guess you're right...maybe I threw out the golden ticket?:eek:...hehe.

If they can only grow half as fast and half as good as your MM and MH plants,I'll be a happy camper.;)

much appreciation for the kind comment:)
I'm glad to hear the dreamtime is something good!
You are right about these seeds...they are a gift;) (well,I paid for them,but you know what I mean :rolleyes:!!!)

Peace all...thanks for all the kindness!!!
Hope you guys are happy,have love in your lives and make others happy too.



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Hi tapioca,

I got a pack of these a while ago, only popped one so far just to see what was in store. I was going to try it outdoors but I realized it probably wouldn’t finish so I black boxed it. It was a small plant in a small pot, didn’t yield a lot but it was good smoke.

I just wanted to tell you every time I took the box off, phew the thing reeked…skunk city. I would say that one was on the skunky side. Good luck with yours.


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Hi tapioca,

I got a pack of these a while ago, only popped one so far just to see what was in store. I was going to try it outdoors but I realized it probably wouldn’t finish so I black boxed it. It was a small plant in a small pot, didn’t yield a lot but it was good smoke.

I just wanted to tell you every time I took the box off, phew the thing reeked…skunk city. I would say that one was on the skunky side. Good luck with yours.
Hi Betterhaff;
I'm glad to hear that the SkHz plant gave you a good impression.I know how much you like the plant (and most plants in general BH!)

Thanks for the encouragement.I just spotted my first female and I culled another one (due to profile/size).

I hope you had a good summer (you know,other than working at the garden and stuff.)

Much barbeques and friends and family and stuff:)

See ya 'round Better


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Just thought I'd share a pic of my special gal.Don't ask me why…but I feel that she is very much She.
I like to bring her out for some sun:)

Some little shark sprites:p

thanks !!!


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Well Tap they are looking damn fine and 'proper' - well done!

What's the flowering time os sk/hz btw ?

good luck >>> grow on:D


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thank you pcragz!!

I don't know about the flowering times to be precise…but I am anticipating on letting this plant "green it" for another month before reducing daylengths (in order to harvest clones that is:p)

I'd say it's probably a 3 monther!!!

I'll also be keeping the seed raised plant as an outdoor transplant come summer:)

Bye for now!


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Hi Tapioca,
that sounds like a plan grow on and green it up- have some fun and stick the other one in the sun- its almost poetic (justice) lol :)
I wonder with the hz side how long flowering-10+ weeks for sure:p
Good to see them doing well - They're looking great and healthy pert and happy puppys:D

Awaiting patiently for a smoke report :D


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nice one!

Lookin good Tapioca! Planning to try this one soon myself, will be very interested to see how you get on with it. All the best mate :D


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thank you funklover!

You will like these…they are potent even as sprites:p

Lots of them have the stink-gene!

Besties to you too


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snip snip…took a little bit off the top:eek:
miam miam…I can't wait for certain things to start going certain ways with this mama…oooooo yaya :p


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hehehe,you posted at $:20

I smoke at 4:20 a.m. sometimes:p

yeah,thanks for dropping by MegaWatts.
Here's a this week update pic from the shark I planted last week.(or was it the week before?)
meh,…either way...,I'm gonna plant some more this week:)



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Hi again!

I feel like I gave up on this for not posting,but doing this today makes me feel a bit better…so I'll forgive you for saying I'm a quitter:p


Mr.(or Madam) Kushna,I can't help but feel like you were right.What a boring post ! My thumb is more eager than my mind…something that has cost me dearly over the years:eek:(nah nah nah…i'm BSing!)
With no brothers or sisters…how can one say he or she validates all that is familiar,all that is whole?

Anyways...Zientist, if you're reading this,(I'm not calling you out friend…I wanna show you what I was talking about the other day),this is what I meant by what I observe when I see heat stress.This Skunk Haze was horribly underwatered and left under heated light for an extended period of time without being attended to.(don't ask why…I can't tell you that:eek:)She's now a pale shade of green compared to her younger days.

I don't have much of a life,but that's the problem on why somedays I hate the plants and on other days I feel like they're the only thing I have.

I have started to harvest cuttings.The first one I took appears to have survived the first few nights.A good sign:p

One thing I don't like,(and I stress the importance of what you've stressed about allowing things to take place BEFORE segregation in the lot HK),is that I don't know what kind of hemp/habit this genotype is supposed to take on.It's a semi-stiff,dainty-leaved,ninja-like plant.

If I wouldn't have been quick to act…maybe I could have learnt more about this family.

Hey,did you guys know that technically,all human beings are generated female…the male chromosome develops only as the foetus does?

(i'm almost sure all seed bearing plants begin their embryonic journey like so too!)

Here's a snap of those Shark shock I planted a few weeks ago.I stopped due to space concern…(edit.)

A school of dreamy meanies:)

This genotype is dominated by the indica,(afghanica!!!),more-like traits.The leaves themselves "blade" fat,the serrations are deep ( I wonder if the leaf edges are what inspired the baptism "shark"…maybe because they look like shark teeth!!??).

The leather-leaf trait goes around..oh yeah.I wish this baby had more of a female habit…remember,(I learn sometimes:eek:)…don't throw 'till they show.

I've already zeroed in on what I'm expecting of the lot though:eek:.
Check the glossiness on this one…I'm terrible at feeding/watering them and (it) still gleams!!!

Thanks for yous:)
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