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SkHz 2013/2014


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This is what i have left from that skunk haze plant.Hopefully they will root well.I have a feeling I may have botched this one (too:mad:…again!).The stems are so stiff…meh.They're on the dresser stand…that's a stupid idea:p

I'll use this thread to show the progress on the Shark shock I planted a few weeks ago.This is a picture I took of them this week -

I hope this one shows female,…,the plant has a real special feel to it!


yeah,that's it for now.


Hey Tapi, your plants look amazing, shark shock eh? I think my DT11 was shark shock. Killer weed, monster plant, be prepared brother!

Love those fat leaves!

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hi Barney,

yeah,that plant you got there...she's a gleamer alright.:)
Lucky loo luck loo!

hehe…well.This is a SkHz thread…but I don't have the SkHz anymore.The clones all rot.I kept them on my dresser and it got cold at night…they all rot.I threw out the mother plant to make room for new seedling space.Oh well…

I'll use this thread to keep progress on the Shark Shock I've planted.Thursday morning I planted another bunch of them…I'll show those off later too.I don't think I'll be using my growspace to flower the plants…I'll wait until summertime to plant them.I like to plant all kinds of seeds…space and time is of the essence.

A nice (deep dark/black/purple!) stud muffin of a plant this one is.I don't mess with males…it got the cull.

I dream of marie-génie

I love this plant.To me,it has what I'm looking for.(for now that is).Such a stinker!!!

I won't be using the space to flower plants because I find the lamp to be a problem too.It doesn't get the "belly' of the plant lit.

The killing floor

The chosen

Yeah ,thanks for stopping by.I feel like an ass for screwing up that SkHz…don't give me shit for it though.

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I know I`ve made my fair share of mistakes and I`m sure others have to. The shark shock look good, it`ll be good to see them outside in the summer time.

All the best!


I see you have a green thumb too tapioca,nice progress on shark shock:)
About SH 'what goes around comes around':p

Carpe diem


Hey Tapi, psst. the best kept secret here is the dreamtime pack, unless you are looking to plant a large number of the same strain. I just know you'd have a gas with it, it's usually very affordable too.

Your sharks look awsome, sorry to hear about the rot with the skunk/haze, that sounds like it would be a winning strain.


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Hi Barnflowers;

It's christmas Eve,and whaddya know…it ain't fuckin' snowin' outside for once!!!

Yeah,the Skunk Haze is a plant I wanted bad(but not bad enough I guess).Later on down the road maybe.(maybe in the form of SSH???)

The dreamtime pack is definitely something to look into!
Summer may seem far off…but from here on in…the sun starts to swell...not starts to sink.Gotta start thinking about spring planting!

I really like that picture you posted.If I can get a nice frosty finish like that,I'll be a happy camper.I am enamoured will all things Widow…this seed,(the Shark) truly is a good plant to learn and love/grow with.

This pic is the last flush I'll plant of Sharks(no more after that).In a good 6/7 weeks,it's onto the Master Kush Skunk!

Break on through baby;

What I'm hoping is a somewhat accurate observation of the hemp's "colour" ---(I found that there were a lot of plants that carried the "purple" gene…I know there are many subspecies worldwide that carry it…but don't quote me on any of it though…just an obso.:eek:)
nice and soft "hemp"/habit too:p

The other day when I was "cleaning".I snapped back one of the plants for fun and thought I'd wait a week or two to see what kind of progress it would show off.Wawawweewa…I see why a lot of people preach "topping" or "pinching back" the plants.

"fattening" up :)

Nice and dreamy leaves.

I am glad to say this plant shows female.It's a relief to know that after a good two months of yearning,something loves me back:p
I like her so much I gave her an early transplant.I haven't fed it any liquid nutrient except water.I like to see that she was a bit paler (and softer) in comparison to her siblings.Being a bit less green to me is a sign that the plant is eager to "bolt" (as in set seed)…

That's it for now

Days off are the best.
I'm rolling a fat one and cranking some tunes (it's not even 8 in the morning yet.Blast that boom boom…guitar time:mad::mad::mad:)

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oh p.p.s.;

I didn't overlook your kind gesture of complementing my pics Tao…thanks:p

I am looking forward to seeing the progress with your Blk.Wdw. too!!!!

have a good tonight all!


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I have pictures of a plant I like.

I kinda went choppers on it.:)o).
It's fun to pluck at it slow though…I don't want to cut things off too early!

I don't wanna induce flowering yet…it seems to be able to deal with light stress in it's own way I guess…the new "rosettes"/new tops are nice and soft...I like:)
Way I see it…more tops,more clones(for now)!

I started to defoliate the plant a bit too…I felt like a butcher doing this,but it'll help the "belly" of the plant take over.

little master kush x skunk seedlings

It's February…I found this little thing on a Shark Shock seedling!I don't know how it got in there...(seriously,the world is a chunk of ice up here.)
I don't bring in bugs…I throw them out!

I think this one died…it's neat though.Thought I'd show it to you anyway

once again,thank you MNS for them magical beans!


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A little drink for you.I don't think the little thing is still around:confused:

I'm looking for something that could yield.I check not only for signs of promise,but poise.(as in suckers/"bushiness)

chop chop (p.s.I'm thirsty :mad:)



Man tapioca those sharks look very healthy, super pumped to see what the master kushes do for ya thanks for all the nice pics


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the other day I made the switch from a MH to CFLs when I noticed that the Begonias were not liking the "staring" or "radiated" heat from the lamp.
Notice how the leaves curl down…these plants hate a dry climate.(but love to be sheltered!)

a real mess it has become:rolleyes:…it grows…it really grows! (I don't know what to do with these!)

The growth doesn't seem to mind it so much.CFLs do allow for nice tender rosettes to keep a nice suppleness to 'em :) (Another shark shock plant;different than the first choice though.)

some tiny toons (petunia seedlings on their first days)
I've never grown tobacco…but I'm fairly sure this is how their seedlings would look as well.
These are a first generation (f1 hybrid) seed.(it said so on the packet!They were a bit more expensive)

bye now!
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how nice your plants look tapi i'm jealous my circulation fan broke :eek: another thing i needed lol got a better one now on order:rolleyes:
my luck has been crap since the start of the season for me
seriously nice plants though :)