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Apologies, I couldn't resist

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You can also use subsonic ammo to keep things nice and quiet. Silencers are really only suppressors, and they cost a fortune if you get one legally and license it with the feds.

My favorite other things about guns vs women are: a gun is not going to argue with you, and if you do not like a gun, you can always sell it. These days, for probably a WHOLE LOT MORE than you paid for it.

Big Sur

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not sure if you have to lol or to cry

America’s representatives at the French Ambassador’s residence this week.

Ooooooh, that is Sam Brinton. He, or she, or??? ('it' is non-binary) the tranny hired by the Biden admin to work as deputy assistant secretary of spent fuel and waste disposition in the office of nuclear energy for the Department of Energy. Inhale, exhale. And yes, that is fact. All of it. I ~would~ say that he is a biological male, but people are going to jail for saying that. So I will not say it! No no no no!

Here it is in better fashion... and to think that I almost wore the same thing that very day! That would have been a complete DISASTER! (er, not really. I do not like to wear red.)

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