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Hey musashi,

As far as medical properties. How do you personally feel the NH, and Doors stack up to your Grail selections for the following issues.

Mainly I have serious nerve issues. Some motor control, and arthritic issues. Some issues with, or need muscle relaxation...I have tried the Doors, and as well NH x LaNina, but not NH itself, or the Grail. Those are the gist of it. Which way do you feel would be best to look?

I had three phenos of The Doors. All very very potent, but one that stood out above the rest. Didn't have the burn out like has been mentioned. The other two did, but was very little. That is my experience with these strains. I also have a buddy that I can get some La Nina from, but as stated. The Doors is the only one I have had pure. Any suggestions as to what traits to look for? Thank You my friend...Ns

P.S. It may be a few more months, but I hope to not be a no show anymore. I know the Doors, and the NH cross will be n the rotation with the OG g13 x SK I have. As well as MH. Bless you brother...Ns


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Aloha dear braddah!
Glad to see you coming out of your chrysalis!
I am not a doctor and do not feel qualified to function on that level. That said, bc I am immuno-compromised with Crohn's, my remission was through the use of cannabinoids AND DIET which I think is the most critical aspect. Through an alkaline diet, my inflammation and neuralgia have gone into remission. No more cigarettes or alcohol for me. The sat doms work for me bc of the induced euphoria. The Holy Grail with terpinolene has a very impressive terpinoid profile and my disease state responds positively to this strain. I have received relief from NH and Doors as well. That is why I crossed these two and made BackDoorMan. I think they all work if you can isolate the particular phenotype that responds best to your chemotype. I'm a believer in the entourage effect and so I have been using MediHaze in oil prep. As the dose required would wreck my day, I just capsule it at night. Outside of the sats, Medicine Man, G13xAfSk, NL5xAfg come to mind, in oil and tincture.
Muscle relaxation for me comes through exercise. Doing intervals will also improve your VO2.
So if I had to distill it in terms of my own disease treatment- 1) diet, 2) exercise, 3) cannabinoids. Taking capsules at night has worked best without disruption of daytime activities. In light of viruses like covid and the flu, make sure to increase your thiamine as many neurological problems are associated with its depletion and stay hydrated. As always, opinions appear larger than they are lol. Hope this helps.



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musashi said: " 1) diet, 2) exercise, 3) cannabinoids. Taking capsules at night has worked best without disruption of daytime activities."

Damn good advice for anyone! I also like to start my day with one of these: