Fruity Pack

Fruity Pack

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Product Description

Imagine fruits were selectively bred for aroma and flavor. Well, Critical Haze, Early Skunk, and ASH actually were, but that’s not all! They also have high medicinal value.

Combo pack (buy now)

A combo pack is a discounted product bundle: multiple strains that can be purchased together as a bundled product. This pack contains 45 seeds and a few extra:)… Critical Haze, Early Skunk and ASH.

Contents of the packet:

This pack contains Critical Haze, Early Skunk and ASH.

This pack contains 3 strains: When purchased as single packs, the 3 strains have a combined retail price of €194,00.

Regulars: all of our seeds are regulars (non-feminized). Giving you a 50% / 50% chance of either males or females. The aim of this is to ensure you have everything you need for all types of selection and infinite possibilities…..

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