What are YOU smoking today? (PICTURES)


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The lighter is specially designed for cigars. The lower part is to cut a nice hole in them really big Cuban cigars. It has a double torch and can be refilled. The handle is on the side.
Perfect with Dynavap. You must see your gas is free from additives or it stains your DynaVap.

I also wonder if this gas is suitable to make dab material? I oldskool press them in a hair straighter which is a lot of work...


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If you like cigars and have a small humidor.. it can be turned into a good place to store your stash as well.
Yes exactly :D There is space for a gel so you can cure them special buds really really slow :D With the gel you can manage the humidity to about 65% to start a slow curing. That box also releases a cederwood taste.
Beggers can be choosy, oh yes we can.


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Master Kush x Skunk

You got to love Shantibaba and all he does for the community. His forum ain't so bad, either! ;) Seeds are Medicine Man and CDB Shark Shock! 😍

More beautiful seeds - Master Kush x Skunk female mated to male G13 x Afghan Skunk. Not sure how to write that correctly ha ha



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Enjoying a little of my outdoor Garfunkel tonight... in keeping with the G13 descendants. Hits me right behind the eyes.


Happy to see the Capulator MAC & Cheese male created some very viable looking seed. I have a family friend with some height restrictions looking for an early finisher I'll be sending these to. The male I used was a quick shower and grower with dense flower clusters. I'm hoping he sees the Garfunkel self topping and tidy side branching with some extra frost and yield from the M&C.