Musashi Plays With Fire- The Doors and Neville's Haze


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Aloha braddahs,

No sense in Marcus and Andy havin' all the fun eh. Marcus's pics of The Doors this morning just sent me over the edge. The room has been vacant for several week now as I have been busy bottling the last grow and catching up on the vacationing. But my hesitation has been mainly around what the next grow should be. I kept saying I would do a Sativa grow next but I have been having so much fun with the Indie's. That shorter grow time is certainly appealing!

With pretty much the complete catalogue in my possesson, it makes decisions somewhat difficult. Date of purchase is a consideration as well as inventory at hand. Lots of bottles of G13, MedMan, NL5/Afg. And while I still have a MH IBL stash, I am completely out of NH, NHM. That just won't do. And then there is the allure of The Doors...

Not to mention all of the CBD stuff I am quickly getting immersed in primarily due to demand. But I need to take care of my own needs and nothing sez that better than these >50% Sativas. So, I will carve out room space for these 16 weekers and catch up on the CBD/Indie varieties later. Looks like I have the moon in my favor so stay tuned and wish me luck.

Wish ya luck! Lets see them pretty Sativas mon!! I'm itching to see how this goes :) I'll live through you vicariously until I can start poppin seed again. Nevskunk, and Nevhaze dreaming until then.

You did awesome in the nl5\afghan thread... So i have faith. Dont over feed em :) lol
The doors is taking off. Managed to score a 2 old packs of NH (regular) from the way back when days at the greenhouse, touch wood they're still viable

Good luck on grow Mu - look forward to see what you do with both.
Aloha fellow firewalkers!
@ P3Ci, Ronin, Bibblethegreat, Masey thank you braddahs for the good vibes!

Presoaked in glasses of tap water ~24 hrs. In slightly, pre-dampened happy frog and sprayed with H2O2/weak kelp mix under 900w (realistically, more like 600w) LED. This morning shows 15/19 (bot 12/16) Doors and 9/10 (bot 3/15) Neville's. Not bad for 3yr - 4.5yr old seeds orig. purchased from the auction. Yesterday did not see as many little ones. For a second, I was thinking I might have to supplement with Angel's Breathe, La Nina, Mango Widow or NL5/Hz lol. As it stands now, if these all make it and I manage to get the typical ratio of male/female, I'll have a full room of trellised giants as it is. It has been so long. Now how do I grow them long-winded sativas again? Marcus is right, I am getting excited!

Hey Musashi, I'm so glad to see you journaling this grow. I know you're going to find some amazing plants, and I'm sure to learn something from your growing techniques. Not many recent journals on Nevs either. I have two straws in the freezer, and I'm always tempted. Aloha!
Aloha fellow firewalkers!

On the road again just can’t wait to get on the road again
The life I love is making music with my friends
And I can’t wait to get on the road again

Looks like 10/10 on the Neville's Haze and 15 for sure Doors with 2 more trying to break soil. 17/19 Doors would be good but I am happy for the 15. We shall see. Anyway, if feels good to turn on the lights once again. Got a feeling they will be on for awhile lol.

The Doors and Neville's Haze

If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is: Infinite. For man has closed himself up, till he sees all things thro' narrow chinks of his cavern.
I'll be doing a pictorial journal of my grow soon.
Pics and updates coming soon.

Looking forward to seeing the master at work with The Doors.
Come on Musashi light my fire.
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Aloha fellow firewalkers!

Thanks Marcus and Andy for dropping in. Andy, don't go layin' that bad juju on me, I'm just an avid or should I say rabid grower lol- respecting and loving the ganja! But thanks for the compliment. I do like me da kine MNS and The Doors was an easy choice. I have been wanting to grow this variety for awhile but needed Marcus's sure footing to follow in. The Neville's alongside was a no brainer. If you have followed my past grows, I try to grow two similar strains at the same time so as to do my own comparisons. G13/AfSk vs MedMan, NL5/Afg vs G13/AfSk, and now Door vs Neville's. Now if I just had the photo skills of L33t har har. Now there was a master!

So, I got 10/10 Neville's. The Doors, one seed was cracked upon opening the straw but I remained hopeful- it didn't make it. So basically 16/18 after coaxing one misplaced seed in soil- planted too deep! As mentioned earlier, seeds were 3 - 4.5 yrs old., so getting 95% germination overall aint bad at all. FYI- these come from frozen stock. The straws are put in little amber bottles filled with rice. These amber bottles are then placed in a mason jar filled with rice and then vacuum sealed before they enter deep freeze. Works for me!

DnN seedling 11_2.jpg
The Doors and Neville's Haze

latecomer 11_2.jpg
The Doors- the timid one

Aloha fellow firewalkers!

@Canna thanks for looking this way braddah!

Well, the moon is coming back around and reminding me of my earlier planting. It has been a busy morning that started with making some MedMan oil. Nothing wrong with medicine made from MedMan, it can be strong shit :p. 18ml from 112g is not a bad yield.

Medicine Man ready to process

I love the smell of Everclear in the morning…

Still have some stickiness on my teeth from licking the pan while loading syringes and my head… well, my head is starting to feel a bit light :D.

Where was I? Oh yeah, let’s get back to The Doors and the Neville seedlings. Currently thriving under a 600w Hort Blue, the little ones are coming along. The pre-game has me already picking favorites based on size, vigor, leaf morphology, blah, blah; can you guess which ones?

Neville's Haze

The Doors

Several of the plants experienced moisture stress, resulting in some minimal leaf edge death due to the RH deficiency; going from a hooded environment to an open room with fan going on them to encourage stem strength. 90%RH+ to 30%RH go figure. I have remedied the situation with a well placed humidifier and already see an improvement this morning. Looking back, I could have acclimated the room better before transfer. Hmmm.


I anticipate The Doors will have enough to talk about on their own so I have been thinking about breaking this thread into two; a separate thread for the Neville’s. But for now I’ll keep it all in one place.

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Aloha fellow Firewalkers!

The Fall morning is one of mist and fog. The familiar smell of moist air takes me back over the years.

Returning inside, the outdoor smell of those lost years lingers, prompting me to rummage through my old collection of vinyl. I dust off a couple of gems; Fleetwood Mac circa 1970. I know, this side of fossil but it really was a magical time. And the sublime album artwork of yesterday...
There is nothing like the retro classic, slightly misogynistic "Hi Ho Silver" to wake MTF up.
Kiln House and Then Play On

Quite a bit of growth in just the last few days. Hard to believe they started like this:
DnN seedling 11_2.jpg
Seedlings 11/2/19

And this morning 2 weeks later:
nev 11_15.JPG
Neville's Haze

doors 11_15.jpgdoor2 11_15.JPG
The Doors

lftdoorsrgtnev 11_15.JPG
The Doors and Neville's Haze
Doors to the left of me, Neville’s to the right...

timid 11_15.JPG
Glad I looked for her? and replanted. She is coming along nicely.

I can’t believe we are already into the Holidays. Be kind to each other.

Looking great Mu. I hope you keep them on the same thread so can check out the side by side comparison Doors/Nev.
Your lucky to be in the Fall time of year. Good for growing indoors.
Summer time Queensland Australia. Dry heat no rain , drought, Bush fires all along the East coast. Can really smell smoke in the mornings and Smoke haze sky's.
I'm battling high temps on my Doors grow. Even have the daytime cycle come on at night.
Day time around 35oC night time gets down to 25oC of lucky and that's outside the growroom.
They are hanging in there though doing ok. I'll post pics on my thread soon.
You have a nice looking few baby's there to work with.
Loving it.
Quietly watching from the shadows and loving what I’m seeing so far.
Keep up the good work brother Mu, can’t wait to see this show get rolling big time.
Who's Your Daddy?

Aloha fellow Firewalkers!

Mahalo braddahs for the kind thoughts.

@Andy21 looks like hell-a-fires on that side of the island. Wow! Some of the devastation is amazing. How you are doing well considering.

Well, here it is a few days later. I’m chompin’ at the bit. Those Indies would be half done by now right? LOL.
The Nev’s has caught up in stature. Leaf area seems to be more prevalent also. For both varieties, the tallest plants are now 10” above soil level. They are under a 600w Blue Hort running at 18/6. I normally let my plants get to 18-20” before change-up but I think I’ll start these earlier knowing how humungous these guys can get. I mean, I’d like to keep them under 8’ hahaha. So I’ll probably turn them when they are perhaps 2-3” taller. I figure another long week. Although they are growing quickly in veg, can't wait for the explosion that happens after light is minmalized. Ya mon!
The Doors has some strong plants showing up and it’s great to see a tall row of plants alongside a shorter row of plants in both varieties. At this point, it does appear that the Nev’s is a little more uniform.

doors_nev 11_24.jpg
Bottom left- nice big Doors

nev grp 11_24.jpg
To the right- uniformity in Nev's

Some things to look at: there is some yellowing of bottom leaves; dial in nutrition, stabilize my pH, get my humidity up, raise lights and consider new bulbs as these are well used. I notice just a little more sensitivity in the Nev’s with tip burn showing up earlier with the same nutrition regimen. Other than that, everyone seems happy save for a few sensitive ones that might get snippy about their feeding. And then there is the decision RE: Who’s your Daddy? Males from The Doors or males from the Neville’s Haze. What do you guys think?

Looking good Musashi, How's the smell on these girls, Anyone standing out ? Have you considered swapping to LEDs ?
Looking good Musashi, How's the smell on these girls, Anyone standing out ? Have you considered swapping to LEDs ?

Aloha brah!

As they are but a month old from seed, they still have new baby smell, nothing really definable. Right now I am just focusing on structure and observing response to light, nutrients, temps, humidity, etc. All in an effort to eliminate the weak or non-accomodating ones. The truly unruly ones get displaced. That's what I keep telling myself. But as I have said earlier, I am no L. Burbank. I am not that disciplined. Instead of keeping just the best of the best and discarding the rest, I keep thinking I'm gonna win at roulette by pushing against the known and fudging the odds. Modern day mixture of Mini-Me and Sisyphus ha.

Hmmm, should I go with The Doors males or?

That Mango sure has got me chattering today!

So yeah brah, I have considered swapping to LED. Many reasons to. I am old school though and have difficulty spotting disease or pests in that type of lighting. I have used them in veg with great success though and have already purchased some 1200w (I rate at 800W) for the big room, just haven't got around to hanging them yet. I was thinking about using them on this grow as supplemental for the small UV they would throw. Waiting for the price to come down on the more expensive units before I seriously commit. Right now, I would probably invest in a green house with the kind of cash they currently want for the premier ones. Long run that might be the more economical decision. As always, ask me again in a couple of hours :).

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New LED's are bad ass- they've come a loooooooong way in the last few years. I was skeptical until I saw the results. We're switching over to all LED's for the commercial grows. It's a lot easier to see under them than HPS, for sure. The pink/purple LED's are a bit outdated and hard on the eyes.

Do some research. You'll be pleasantly surprised, I think.

Good luck, brother.
Looking good so far Musashi, loving the Nevs uniform Hazy look. More variations in Doors but looking great.