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Aloha MNS family!
Thought I'd share the good news. Big love ❤️ to the MNS crew.

Good day Musashi
As promised I put together an update for you to re-cap what has elapsed since we last spoke.
All is well on the farm we made it through 95% of winter with only minor bumps and bruises. Our second harvest in the living soil beds was outstanding. The quality of the second cycle really shows off each cultivars best characteristics. We harvested on the coldest week of the year which presents some challenges. I have never harvested and transported plants to the drying room in negative 15 degrees Fahrenheit, now I can say I have.
All in all I am very happy with the development of the soil, things are moving along just right. I will send some photos for you to check out as well of the buds in processing.
As for the green house we have replanted a cover crop which is growing daily and will be ready for termination and transplant very soon. We have been vigorously taking clones in the new cloning rooms we built. In preparation for the third cycle. We should be transplanted fully in about 10 days .
Test results came back excellent as well. High terpene levels and thc % was between 22 and 31% so we are looking good in that respect too. The flower looks outstanding and a test batch of extracts was also excellent.

Much love to everyone enjoy the day


Just freaking amazing 🥲
Wife almost tripped on my jaw, it’s still on the floor somewhere

I dreamed of heaven beyond my mind and saw the path of insane finds. this view, the view I knew can take you anywhere from me to you. I just love the weed it’s true but she’s the goddess thru and thru. So follow me down the path of life and we shall share eternal delights.

That came to me when I saw this picture.
Life’s special journey and so lived.