MNS Medicine Man and Shark Shock grow


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Took a few more down today due a few little patches of mould! The rest will come down in the next few days, not going to take the risk and lose any more. These 3 girls are so dank too. One of the Med Man smells like sweet bubblegum and is so damn sticky. The other 2 smell similar and smell like sweeter skunk and onions haha.

Med Man 7

Med Man 4

Shark 8


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The last of the Sharks came down today, one had mould and the other one was ready anyway! Lesson for next time, way more airflow in flower!
Shark number 2 was a real Widow leaner, long, tall buds and had a sweeter, spicier kind of smell. The Shark 3 was a mix of both parents and had a really raw onion but fruity smell to her!

Have to say, out of all the strains I've grown in the last 25 years, these are up in my top 5 for sure. While I haven't smoked them yet, I'm pretty confident they will tick all my boxes!

Shark 3

Shark 2


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I remember smoking CBD shark, was fucked out by it for hour or so.. Not just slightly...
Was really powerfull hit, and the tastes were fruity aswell..
Haha yeah that shark hit me like a tonne of bricks, I was trying to make dinner and just lost it in a fit of hysterics! It is some very tasty stuff!


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Just a quick smoke report before this thread is finished up.

Sharks - all bar one has a beautiful sweet and sour flavour on inhale, smooth smoke. All hit very similar, right behind the eyes and force you to sit down for 20-30 mins haha. Amazing, old school smoke right here!

Medicine Man - 4 have a sweet bubblegum/skunky smell, the other 3 have a more sour skunky smell. All have crazy good medical properties, one joint of each and my sore back and muscles are non existent. My wife really enjoyed these ones too! Definitely day wreckers though if you have them too early, I tried to get out in the garden after a joint and made it as far as putting my boots on and decided it wasn't going to be that day hahaha.

Kept 2 of each in the tent and got a shark and 2 Med Man in the greenhouse for the summer crop! Yeewwwwww!!!

Cheers to everyone who followed along too, really appreciate the kind words and the discussion!

Stay safe and well.


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Thought I may as well keep posting in here while I have Shark and Med Man going.

Took cuts from the last ones and put 2 of each in with some other cuts and fem seeds. They are the back right 4 plants and loving the organic soil I'm in this time!

So besides them, I have 2 X Easty's Jack Shit (next to the Shark and Med Man), 1 X Chem 91 X Super Skunk (top left), 2 X Easty's NL#5 X Blueberry (front left behind and beside the humidifier), 2 X Kimbo Kush (bottom left), 1 X Sensi Super Skunk (left, second up from bottom super fat leaves), 1 X Flying Dutchmen Skunk #1, front 2nd from Right) and 1 X Columbian Gold X Haze (2nd down from top on left.

Will give these girls another week or so to fill out and then go back to flower!