Methods to identify gender early

Often, females will present first. However best to wait a few days to see the two (2) pale white-yellow pistils (stigmas) protruding from the upright tear-dropped body structure (calyx) to confirm. The male pollen sacks, rounded and sectioned develop in a downward fashion.
“Look for the hairs.” They provide the certainty and that’s when the excitement begins!

I will say the opposite .
That Male plants will mature much faster than female plants.Male plants are normally taller
They will grow faster and within 2 weeks should be taller than the female. They will begin their flowering stage earlier before the female plants. (depends the variety and conditions indoor or outdoor) Males look more bulky females tend be me more delicate.
Mother earth have planed all wishfully to warranty the survival of the species.'

HIDIHO Boys/Girls
As some of u know that i have problems identify gender.Is there a trick under a scoop or something like presex because some look a bit diverent but not what i could say thats a femail hair or mail sack how u pip´s doing it


This has been posted a few years ago but since it's the topic of your thread...I never tested, i'm just a messenger, not the auhtor, don't blame on me if the message is nonsense.

>>> TwizTD TiPZ how to determine female from male seeds <<<

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