z8 x ah hamper style


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Picked up these in a 2015 hamper auction. I assume these are stock from 2013 when the accidental z8xah cross occurred. 9/11 germed and looking very robust. Thick leaves, lush growth, fast growers. Moving them to flower room in a week or so.
Nice Bro, let me get a front row seed on that one.

I have a few people who aren't too familiar with Canna and was thinking I might grow the Z8xAH for them to get them used to it without sending them on too much of a trip the first few experiences they have with Canna.

So very curious to find out if they are indeed high CBD not too high THC or if I just have to get that Therapy from somewhere :D

Stay frosty Bro and good luck with this!
Looking Afghan dom as you would expect w/ doubled up afghan males. These need to go into flower room asap once room is made. Yeah, no idea about cbd but other reports seem to indicate this one may lack cbd dom traits, who knows. I suspect the end result will be strong weed regardless.


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In the flowering room about a week+, looks like 5 females, 2 males, 2 likely males. Two basic phenos showing one shorter and squat, the other quite large (applies to both males/females). Otherwise they look like what I would expect from af x sk x hz mix with heavier af/sk dominance. A bit crowded but should free up space within next 1-4 weeks as shit and nsk are harvested.

Thanks for these posts sysadmin! I'm excited to see what'll happen. I'm thinking about adding these to my xmas list!
Pretty interesting mix so far, one tall monster setting up, the others seems pretty sat/skunk dom based on the leaves. Bushlike and very hardy I can see how outside these would probably do well in most settings, flowering looks to be on a roughly 9-12 week cycle from seed.

A very interesting mix, the z8 with the AH male seems to throw some variation for sure. So far you can see the 1)skunk/afg influence 2) haze influence. Three plants look like skunk variants with some darker bluish sativa leaves, one looks hazy with a light green very sativa leaf (and slow flowerer) and one huge bush that looks like it could be the like the burning bush of the OT. Huge plant! I threw some MHI pollen on the very hazy and the beast, the pollen has been sitting for about 6 weeks so may not do anything, but what the hell huh?

7 weeks flower

z8ah appears to be on track for 10+- week flower from seed. I had expected a bit more afghani plants but the general appearance it one of robust af/sk crosses with a touch of haze.

this one has a sk1 look, in fact you can see that sk1 sativa type leaf in many of these plants.

this one is the haziest of the bunch, very thin sativa leaf and not a big yielder but looking like hard sparse nuggests ala old school mexican or maybe a af/hz cross

another shot of #1 above

this one if the most indus leaning, looking pretty af/sk with heavy resin production already

this one is the beast of the group, a huge plant with large chunky buds forming.

Overall these plants are very robust, hard to go wrong with this strain it seems. Outdoors I could see vg production from two of these. From clone probably a 8-10 week strain depending on pheno. I expect another 3-4 weeks to finish.
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66 day flower

A very interesting/fun strain to grow and diverse for sure. I probably would not have picked this strain by itself but as it turns out a great mystery grow. At about day 66 and all look to be ready in next 2-14 days. From a small low yielding sativa runt to possibly the chunkiest hybrid I have grown in years/ever!. Will get some pictures up as the harvest sets in. Can already recommend z8 x ah even without harvest/smoke reports. From indy to sat dom expression and very robust nice job to resin/mns on this one.

"the beast", looks like it sprang from the devil pack then added some haze! Large chunky buds, very heavy yielder and needs support. Enough hybrid to give the buds a more sativa look (airy vs afghan leafy).

and indy dom, very resinous and fastest one

a sat dom leaning towards the sk/hz side,probably the slowest on track for 11 weeks
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harvested the indy dom today, at approx 70 days. Hashy, sticky, hint of baby shit (for those lucky enough to sling diapers). Tossed a cutting at 8 weeks in some water and it has thrown rootlets, may re-run again. Outside should finish early but possible mold due to heavy compact flowers.


satdom, 71 days

Tall sativa like but finished surprisingly fast. Yield was not great and looks to be genetic but in right settings likely yields more. Many smallish tight buds like you might expect to see in afghani/haze cross. Smell is very unique, like a bowl of fruity pebbles mixed with limonene.



interesting for sure. My take between the lines is z6, z7 had more cbd/stable vs z8 plu the AH male is pretty dom and likely diluted further. But these last two plants look great, one beast with afghani influence and a sat dom. Both on track for 12 week from seed though sat may need longer.




the beast @85 days

Have not seen such a beast producer in some time. Even under organic soil this one became extremely top heavy and required staking. Outdoors these type plants get huge but often break their stalks or totally split, fall over, etc. But if tended, what a harvest you might get. Went 12 weeks from seed, top continued to foxtail, throw new pistils but lower buds were finished.


Hey there SA nice to get a report on this variety for sure. It caused me to bust open those packs of CBD Mango and Medihaze the other day. Old seed but i got 3 plants outta the 10. Thanks for the inspiration brah. Fine work indeed.

Cool runnin
Busy indeed but the new runs for the year (z8ah + MHI) are winding down. Only the z8 late sat dom is left and she looks like another 7-10 days. I have been sampling the indy dom and the early sat dom and both are nice highs. The indy dom starts in the neck and spreads down the back, great for relaxing after a day on the slopes. Not as long lasting as I like but easy enough to spark another bowl!. The early sat dom has that great flavor and a nice mixed hybrid high, up but fine to chill at the end of the day.

Will post some pics of the sat dom in a couple of weeks with a later final smoke report but can easily recommend this strain esp give the usually low auction price point.
The final sat dom, late, went approx 92 days. Slight limeone smell, mostly a body odor funkiness. This one rooted very fast. Have been smoking various phenos regularly and do like it z8ah to run 3+- phenos again.


Great job with that hamper pack!
Those are really good looking plants man.

What sets the 3+- plants apart from the rest?

Are the more sativa phenotypes also the higher THC buzz type?

Stay hazed!!

PS: the banquet is a very nice size reference:cool:
hey jake

I like their profiles and highs. The early sat is a low yielder but love the high. The beast is a solid producer, and the high is great too. Have not sampled the final keeper but she is sat dom for sure. I tend to look for 1)high 2)vigor 3)yield in keepers. Not sure about thc or cbd ratios, but frankly I just like to toke a lot, maybe too much, and the z8ah produced good weed in quantity with minimal fuss. Makes me want to run a pack of nl x haze and afghan x haze next season.