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Z7 worth the price?


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I started 6 Z6 and 6 Z7. Structurally the Z7 is much more stout in general, but there are outliers. I ended up passing all but one of each of the plants on to others more interested in CBD than I am before they even flowered. They needed the plants and I needed the space for proven plants at the time... they may flow back this way ;).

So my Z7 got jarred maybe two weeks ago. I'll vape a nug in a minute or two, first draw of the day. This Z7 only went 8.5 weeks or so at 11/13.

I spent yesterday vaping some MexicanHighlandxBlueberry F2... an extremely sativa expression.

Happy Trails ya'll. :D

I'll get back with an impression if not a full report.

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I also thought it was a type-o first but if you look in the bidding history, you see that the guy went from 63 to 499,99 ...
That wouldn't be a type-o because 49,99 wouldn't be higher than 63...

Guy (or gal) just really wants those Z7 beans and 500 bucks isn't as much to everybody as it is to you and me :D

Seems to me that you can still see other peoples highest bid when you're both bidding on the same auction. Who the hell jumps from €63 to €499,99? Some asshole who has no intention of paying €499,99 that's who.

Hell, I got a cleaning pack of z7 regs for less than €30

This issue was supposed to be resolved. It's the reason I won't bid until the last few minutes. Because some dick WILL make you pay your max bid


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the seeds prices are going crazy more and more ,
i missed that underground time when people were sharing seeds with love

With regard to MNS ... I mean how cheap do they have to be until it's considered "sharing seeds with love"? :D
You regularly get some of the best genetics in the game for 0.5-1€/seed. And friggin shipping is included too... I mean they would literally have to give them away then which in my mind they are basically doing already.

I am also sure that this is another sign that MNS is not in it only for the money because this practice (undercutting market prices so severely in the auctions) can't be healthy for overall sales and profits.

But in my eyes it is a noble gesture, a gesture of love for the plant and its genetics, a love for the community and MN members in particular.
And you can justify it because you have to be a member but technically anyone can become one etc. etc.

I dunno man, I think the auction house is exactly what you describe Bro :D


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Hey broseidon there is absolutely nothing wrong with the cleaning auctions, I've had a few and never had any that didn't germ. There is the odd light coloured or disfigured seed but it never affected their ability to grow. This time last yr I got 100 Nl#5xHaze seeds for €80, bargain of the century!

When u buy direct from MNS the seeds come in small straws heat sealed at both ends and in my experience have approx 20 seeds per straw. The MNS foil pack are for retailers and contain 15 seeds.

With all due respect man, it's time to stop talking about growing and start doing it!! :) There's nothing like hands on experience.

Nice feedback bro, getting more and more excited :D

And yes, yes I know.

But I still can't. Giving you an exact timetable doesn't make much sense either...
Patience brother :D
For now I still can only talk. A month or two maybe, I hope :)