Which strain is likely to give that fuel/Diesel smell


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I was growing years ago some bag seeds wich give a strong fuel Diesel petrol smell my whole Apartment smelled like a Gas station after curing it smelled just sour realy sour and the high was longlasting and strong and a year later same seeds all plants hermy in 1g bud where about 50-100 underdeveloped green seeds and im looking for a Diesel/fuel strain
I've run across some fuelly phenos, mostly accidentally, one of my keepers is a diesely goji OG. What about sour diesel? That seems the most obvious answer to the question, have smoked some (great), not grown it, I think my closest was a sour amnesia that is sour diesel x amnesia haze but mine tended to come out sativa and not so diesel.

Actually, from vague memory, doesn't it come down from Skunk phenos in SD? I think so.
Re: Which strain is likely to give that fuel/Diesel smell?

I LOVE:love: pot that smells like fuel!!!

In 2019 I was absolutely determined to grow fuelly smelling pot.. As a betting man, I bet that fertilizer can change taste and smell. So fertilize it with fuelly type food. You are what you eat, right?
The only remotely possible flaw that I saw in that plan was - if you are what you eat, I should be an Autoflower Girl? Well, ya can't win every bet ;) But I digress...so the next day I bought a barrel of fertilizer to help my plants smell fuelly.

Here is a picture of the barrel of fertilizer that I bought the next day...
FUEL Smell.jpg

One plant liked the fertilizer and was very potent. A quick smoke report on it:

SMELL: It smelled of fuel.
TASTE: It tastes like...Victory! A very satisfying taste!
HIGH: The high is very explosive. Be Careful! We learned not to smoke it indoors.
SUMMARY: I wouldn't make this up if it was not true.

Here is the fuelly plant
JH Plant.jpg

taken from Indian Landrace Exchange 2020 Durand Line Project - https://www.indianlandraceexchange.com/portfolios/durandlineproject_2020/

The Green selection from Maruf in Kandahar, features a lime green plant with some subtle fade on the leaves. The green selection has a perfect bud structure, which is conical in shape with a lucrative bract to leaf ratio from commercial stand, the Buds are covered in a dense layer of dry to semi-sticky textured resin.

Although a beautiful looking plant with XX yields, it did take some damage on the leaves during the cold snap but saving the real prize i.e. a deeply offensive smelling and equally potent resin.

The plant structure was quite similar to most other plants within the population which is an upright and robust structure with a girthy and elongated stalk but with tad bit of less side branching and overall height. The smells once again take an acrid tangent and are mainly built upon subtle layers of lemon/citrus, spices and sharp Phenol based smells that leans more towards toluene (which constitutes 15% of the smell in petrol) hence smells a lot like petrol (fuel).

If I was gonna go down the rabbit hole in search from that aroma/flavor from MNS gear i'd probably try Nordle or Devil and make 1000's of f2's and pray :/