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wow Munga!

you've got some serious skill!
those plants are magnificient.

Keep growing!!!
see you around


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Cool pics Munga.I hear ya about the weather.I had some rather large & bountiful super lemon haze go 5 metres under floodwater,never seen so much rain in a summer like i did this year.If ya get a chance throw a bit of devil pollen at some Aussie sativa.Best cross i ever did was Afghan to Aussie.


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Munga, thanks for posting those pics!! It brings back really good memories for me of planting "walkabout" in the Santa Cruz mountains in the 1970's. :)


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Thanks for sharing Munga, was wondering whenn we would get to see some of these grown down under! I've got 20 or so started slated for indoor long season . Something exciting about a mix like this., could be some real interesting variety for sure. Keep us posted !
Heres a pic of a recently chopped indoor girl , no name brand hindukush



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@munga - thanks for posting, you should post more! :)

Sorry to hear about your weather, this is my first time trying to grow outdoors, lots of new challenges.