TKO's going at it agian.


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Yes, I love the G-13xWidow. Due to some cut backs in my operation I had to let her go. But I have more to drop. When I first got the seeds I only got 2 from a friend. I saved one and sprouted the other. The results really got my stoked. Out of one seed I got 2 sprouts, Yea thats right 2. What a bargin.
I then grew her out and was so impressed with the quality of the smoke that it was my first in the bowl everytime. this stuff had some legs on it and would last for hours. The smell was skunky, so much so I had a bag in my pocket at work and peeps kept asking did someone hit a skunk. LOL funny stuff.
It really reminded me of the Shark Shock in size, smell just not a skunky, and high. I will fully recomend this to anyone. I found Her to go easy on the nutes and give her more N than you would for most to keep the foliage going strong for the duration of the flower. I will be running her next with a Shark Shock, and SSH. I will have to get some picsup soon when I find the time. thanks for stopping in.-------------------------------------TKO-
My first go at this strain.

hi, its cool to find someone else growing this strain. i gotta say the way you describe it does sound very similar. if you don't mind me asking what method did you use to grow and what sort of yeild did you get?
This bunch have got about 2 or 3 weeks left.

it's been a dream grow so far, i can't wait for harvest time.:D
good luck with the twins!

Wow Jammy,

very nice,them lookin healthy,any info on the care you provided would be great,

such a vibrant green,excellent work,

peace all.

Cheers dude, glad you like 'em.
Hmm, where to start? Well i planted 2 seeds and got the two mums you see above (very pleased), cloned both and planted a mix of the 2 phenos.
The system is 9 6.5l pots filled with pure coco fed by drippers supplied by a 90l res, their sat on a 1.2m flood n drain table. Oh and their being lit by an air cooled 600. Through veg (3 weeks) they were fed Sensi A+B Grow, Voodoo juice and a shot of superthrive once then twice aday. The strongest ec they would take in veg was 0.6 anymore and they got slight tip burn.
During veg the 2 phenos looked pretty much the same, i have been researching g13 and i recon both of these are widow dominant. Their now at the start of their 7th week, after about 2 weeks bloom the different leaf shape and bud formation showed, the bud pictured is my favorite looking pheno of the 2 but the other is very nice also. They've been fed Sensi Bloom A+B, Big Bud for weeks 2-5, Barricade pottasium silicate throughout and their now on Overdrive for week 6-7, i've also added Guanokalog Liquid Bat shit extract for a slightly better taste (i hope). Then comes a nice long flush.
Thats it really, it has been a very easy grow so far (good genetics :) )
I will post some more pics soon.
No thankyou Jammy,

two seeds 2 moms ,i bet you was pleased,sounds like you knew what they wanted,and supplied it very well,a good set up ,working well together with a top grower,

i agree with what you say about of ease of growth,(top genectics),my m/h are my most vigourous and healthy to date,touch wood they carry on,because the only thing that can go wrong with them now is human error,

cheer's for all the info,look forward to any grow diaries you start up,

peace all.
I grow organicly and use 3 gallon grow bags. I only had 2 seeds I popped one at first and I got 2 little sprouts out of it. Unfortunaly I had to let her go due to some problems. I have the last seed in soil now and just waiting for her to pop the surface. I hope it to be a Female but if it turns out to be a male I will hit my GWS with him. You will love the taste and high from this quality strain. Warning don't leave a bag in your pocket in public places, seems to get some looks due to the skunky smell. The high has a longlasting affect and real body high. I put the G-13xWW on the top of the list as far as high and taste. The yeild however is not a commercial cropper for sure but 1 oz. seems to be average for me. Best of luck to you on your show Jammy, looks top knotch. I had a foliage problem at the end but looks like you are not having that problem. Cheers to you and thanks for pics. I hope to get some up soon.
Nearly There!

Cheers TKO, thanks for the heads up. I can't wait to chop these girls, the smell is STRONG even with a carbon filter so i get your point about bags in public lol.
Yep, their now on a nice long flush, i'm changing the res every 2 days now to really clear em out and i've also stripped of the fan leaves to let a bit more light to the bottom branches.
Here's a few more pics, the next ones will be harvested and dry bud shots.:D

Thats it for now, hope you like em'.
Looking forward to seeing your progress TKO.
Peace Peeps
Jammy, very nice. I got a pic of the original seed I popped of the G-13xWW note the 2 lil sprouts that I got out of 1 seed!----------------TKO-----
Oh man sorry I mis-read your orginal post, your sprouting the other seed (duh on my behalf, I've been puffing alot of Critical Mass hash lately)
Cool pic dude, I had a Shiva Shanti sprout like that once but he/she got arrested so I never got to see it all the way through.:(
Anyway hows the current seedling/plant doing? Anymore twins?
Hope stuffs cool, I'm just waiting for my girls to dry then I'll be posting some harvest shots.

Peace Jammy
is this g13?

A friend gave me a cutting. He said it was g13.
Can you take a look and tell me what you think. I very much doubt it is g13, but maybe g13x something.

cheers dudes.


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Jammy, bad news the last little seedling didn't make it. I was very bummed. I had a bit of bad luck combined with heat so it was a very devistating loss. I did get 2 GWS F2's to come up and a Blue Cheese. Cheers-------

Freebee- Man I don't know because I have never seen a pure G-13 plant in real life. Maybe someone could fill us in for I don't know. It is a good looking plant never the less. I would say clone her and send her off to the flowering room. You will get a better idea what she is then. Good luck to you------

I do have a backup of the G-13xWW and will get those in the ground soon.-------------------------------------------------------------TKO-
pull this up from the depths....TKO and I go way back and was there for this grow....was some fantastic herb...
Heres the pics which Shanti used for a while n gifted us some Affi/Sk? for the use...veg pic shows the runt from the duel seedling...enjoy


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