The Doors of perception



Topped and re potted
Hand watering soak up from the bottom whicking homemade auto pot style.

1 week on 12/12
315 cmh ,more lights to be added after sexing.
Will keep a male hopefully from the doors to cross with Ortega and make F2s
As this is gonna be last grow at location so need seeds for further down the track.
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Will post more photos as they progress.
Just hope I can do them justice
After observing Marcus's work. And got a chair up for Musashi's grow.

.........That image got flopped somehow.
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Hi Andy, the cannabis gods must have given us all a tune up re "the doors",
synchronicity is in action,

I have one left in a re veg situation out of 5 originals,
glad to say it made it through being raided...(its a fat leaf pheno that is very camphor smelling btw)

Following your grow and I can see the familiar lovely long petioles that a few of mine had
I have yet to try the smoko and can smell the wickedness already

Thanks for putting yours up, best of luck


Will post more photos as they progress.
Just hope I can do them justice
After observing Marcus's work. And got a chair up for Musashi's grow.

.........That image got flopped somehow.

Looking great Andy. Can't wait to see how they develop in your environment

good luck pal
Hey braddah!

Things look like they are coming along well eh? Nothing gets my attention faster than tidy grow rooms! Kudos brah! Hope they turn out the way you anticipate.



Doors #1 and 1Ortega males.
Soory Markus. Kept for pollen.
Stem rub smell, Doors lovley balanced fruity smell hints of pine.
Ortega rotten fruit, Dank, narley smell.
The Ortega would pull a knife on you in a fight......The Doors would make love to you.....If you were a woman of course, he's not gay! ;)
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Thanks Oily,Masey,Musashi,Markus.
Out of 5 Doors , 3 Females 2 males. 1 Male selector da pollen.
2 Ortega , 1 Male 1 female. Male also kept.
It's been nearly 4 weeks 12/12 Plants coming along slowly even the Ortega. I think the heat here is a big factor room temps mid 30s but they are hanging in there. I think the microbes in the soil struggle. Would have been better off in coco I think with Australian summer temps. :(
I have hit all Doors , a few lower branches with Male Ortega pollen and will do another branch with doors pollen in few days.Will also hit the Small Ortega with Doors #1 pollen as well. But this is lagging and should be half done by now.
Soil is custom blended and has everything needed in it for a grow cycle but will hit it with worm casting tea and going to put the lights on 13.5/ 11.5.
See how they go. I just wish the temps here would drop by 10. I even have their light cycle during the night time to keep temps down.
As long as they produce something smokable and viable seeds I'll be very happy
And will re run these F2s and DoOrstaga again in better temps after I move.
Should have better set up also.
Pray for my baby's we're hanging in here ;)
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This is Doors#3 The best of the lot. At 8 weeks.
Unfortunately next week will be the end for this run. Due to extreme weather here in Australia. It's just too dam hot. Luckily I have some viable seeds on lower branches of
Doors#3 x Ortega
Doors#3 x Doors #1.
Will run these again sometime in more favorable conditions.
Happy New year to you People.
Into the roaring 20s
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Dems some dark seeds brah! Sounds like W. Aus is completely burning down from here. Maybe LE can help out instead of punkin you braddahs for a change.
Why I was wondering just the other day where you had gone to but I see you haven't forgotten us. So many grows started with very few finishing. Thanks for the Doors encouragement. Love those long "pollen tubes"!

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