Strut your studs!

Harvesting male flowers:

Aloha fellow firewalkers!

This pollination went a lot smoother than last time. I found a better fitting wire strainer and canning funnel that fits over my glass jar. I opted for aluminum foil so I can crease it and the pollen slides off better AND I can see it better. It was harder to see on the parchment paper and I had to use a brush to get the pollen off the paper which kicked up some. All done in my closed-door bathroom where the males were located. Spray bottle of water close at hand for post-operation.
Agitate the flowers enough to get any pollen clinging to them. A smaller make-up brush works well in getting things where they need to go. After the pollination, where I used a small paint brush for better targeting, I mixed the rest with flour to assure dryness while in the fridge. I will fertilize some of the SSHxWidows with this pollen tomorrow and then freeze the rest.

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Using the same system I used last time.
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Goin' for the Gold!! A quick shower and then into the grow room to spread some love 🥰
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Thanks musashi!
Never seen such a stud.(y)
He is definitely "well hung".😄

How does he smell like and does he have visible thc?

Thanks for sharing.
I find males like this though semi rare, can be found within many afghanica lines. I also found a similar male from an old 90's super skunk line
This is the only shot i have left of him.. he was much better looking grown indoors,

The devil stud has it all, he has a skunky tang to the nose.. in veg one would mistake him for smelling like a devil female.. in terms of trich production... I have definitely found higher in a male before.. but the devil stud has some shiny bits on his pods.. not yet lab tested, i must though!
Here is my poor male from 2022 NL5xSunk he got no sun at all its the north balkony the Ladys there on the sunny side of live i dont watered him for weeks but still he managed to survive from him i got the pollen what i use to polinade the Mango N Cheese and a Tripple G ( Gelato x Gorilla glue)