Spice on the mountain.


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They look nice mate.. I was pondering Spice but I read some where that Shanti says you need your room tight & at the moment where we are it's not that tight.


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Hey JessE thanks man. Just wish I'd learned to post pics sooner cuz this thread would have a bunch more bud porn. Now that I know how watch out.
Howdy blueboy, well your post made me realize I haven't given my thoughts on this strain.
We started these spice along with six other strains. We started 10 black widow seeds a few weeks later. They all went through bloom together. I swear we stressed this round more than most. The furnace at the grow house died and low temps dropped to 45 degrees F during sleep hours. We had a timer failure too. These problems caused 3 of the new strains to herm and pop male flowers. After seeing nanners pop we checked the bud room for light leaks and found a few and fixed them. Through out all these problems our 3 spice girls stayed solid, not 1 of them popped a single nanner. I can't say that for our black widows, 3 out of 5 had to be pulled out of the room because they had so many male flowers. In my experience I think its been an easy strain to grow. They are light feeders though, on the same food as the rest of our room these three girls leaves were clawing and curling from too much fertilizer. Even that didn't make these 3 herm. They seem pretty stable to me.
We've got at least 7 strains dry and cured for a month and a half including chem D and our jar of spice is going empty the fastest. I really like this strain after its cured. The flavor has really come into its own, it lives up to its name now. There are hints of spice's , incense, earth, skunk, black licorice, and they all come through the taste too.
The high is what keeps me coming back to the jar of spice though, very pleasent. I haven't had my first bowl yet today, so when the mrs gets home in a bit we'll smoke a bowl and give an updated smoke report.
I'll be back guys.


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The problems of running a room Mt man ... At least you pulled some weight from them & you enjoy the smoke which is the main objective after all.


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To bad to hear about the black widow......think I might just wait until I find a decent cut instead of getting the beans....did you end up using any of the males?

Good to hear the spice taking stress as she is still on my wish list. Can't wait for the smoke report

Gearing up to pop my z6 beans here soon


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So is Spice a keeper or just a great plant to "spice" up your garden every now and then? Also, what's next? Looking forward to seeing what else you have up your sleeves.


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Thanks blueboy, and at least the rooms good for awhile.
Hey lawz good seeing you. Well the problems with the widows was all on us. But I do think they are a sensitive strain. After harvesting the widows I think its worth the look cuz its sure good smoke. I wound up with two sweet boys which we used on 3 known girls- pre 98 bubba, chem D and our keeper white widow. We just harvested the seed baring girls last week. A couple weeks of drying and we'll plant a bunch and see what the boys do in a cross.
Hey Toker thanks man.
Hi Scrog, well I'm having a tough time answering the keeper question. I let these 3 drop so I could make room to run more test strains. We're just now harvesting the second run of these girls so I'll be better equipped to answer this question in a month. But after a month and a halfs cure I think it is. They have flavors I haven't tasted in the 40 or more strains I've tried in the last 4 years. Also one of them is quite potent. We've stayed out of the jar now for a couple weeks so we could do a fair smoke test on it. I've been seriously thinking of popping the other 10 seeds and seeing whats there but I've got so many other packs in the fridge I don't know.
I'm about to start my Z6 thread. Our Z6's are 6 weeks old and about ready to debut. Our 5 black widow girls just went into the bloom room 5 days ago, would you like to see them bud? We have a few other strains running too. The biggest thing up my sleeve is surgery to remove a cyst on my spine the end of this month. Probably gonna be MIA for a bit. I've got the best caretaker out there to take care of the garden tho so I'm lucky.
Thanks guys..


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Hi mtman,

Good speaking to you, and I hope all is well. Going to go back thru this thread again, but thought I'd hit the end here, and bump the thread so more might see it. Be well...Ns

add: Went back thru this. Really Really REALLY nice shots friend. Good for you. Well deserved to have some good meds for you. I am blessed to see such an example of what Spice can be like. So I thank you for that. Be well, and Oh Yea!!! I hope your feeling well, and all the hospital visits are in the past. Best to you friend...Ns
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