Shark shock - March 2020 Growth

Thanks !

For hydro, our current setup is an Alien RDWC V1 with 4 sites of 20L buckets, a full automation/monitoring driven by a GroLab system ( ) in a custom G-Tools cabinet.

Due to some design flaws of the Alien rdwc, we have bought a new IWS Pro "dumpback" system that will replace the Alien later this year, with the water tank residing outside the box ( we will use a slim "caravan style" water tank located outside but still attached to the growbox ).

And hopefully, after 2 succesful sessions using the IWS, we will install pressure probes in the box and start fiddling with co2/temperatures.

In theory, a well tuned rdwc should bring a 20% yield increase, and I have read that co2 supplementation can bring another 30% yield increase.

Can I reach a minimum of 600 gr/dry per m2 with 4 plants, no matter the strain type ? I dont know, but it's my goal :)

We try to learn and improve the process continuously.
Veg week 3 is behind us, we are now entering the first week of flo ...

The plants are getting huge, and we had to cut some blocking fan leaves to optimize the light dispersion on the lowest parts.

When I look at their growth, I think we won't change anything in their feeding but simply adapt for the flowering regimen, of course :rolleyes:



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Very exciting, DarkAgdistis! I think SS is great smoke, FWIW. Great THC levels I thought. Good luck!
Week 3 flo ! :D

I think we we got a male and 3 females ... even though one is still doubtfull.

As you can see on the pictures, we have defoliated all of them and chopped the male.

They still grow very well and with such a small stretch, too bad they couldn't be left in veg for 2 or 3 more weeks.



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Looks better now, some breathing room for the girls, atleast thats what i think. :cool: maybe lst them a bit it will fill out your room nicely.

im curious how they will do in flower :) there is widow in there so i expect some early cristmas for you! :D