Question on lineage of The Doors

Hello everyone,

Just a quick question on the lineage of this strain.

As far as I understand, the genetics are as follows:

[NL5 x HazeA] x [(NL5 x HazeA) x ((Sk x HazeC) x HazeC)]

Mother: NL5 x HazeA

Father: AC Male (which according to Shanti's code is 25% NL5, 25% HazeA, 37.5% Haze C and 12.5% Skunk.

My question is whether the mother of The Doors is the same as the mother of the AC male?

Shanti refers to the mother of the AC male as NL5(HazeA(2)). I assume the (2) is to differentiate the AC mother from the mother of Nevil's Haze (which is also NL5(HazeA).

Much obliged to anyone that can help.
you are correct about the (2) being shanti's new selection of nl5 x hazeA

but unless im mistaken, i think the AC is (nl5x hazeA(2)) x (skunk x hazeC)
i dont think the skunkhaze was backcrossed to the c again.

as to the mother of the doors, i havent figured it out yet.
its nl5 hazeC, so not the same mother as the ac, but im not sure if it is an older cutting, the mother of mango or ssh, or if it is a new selection of the new nl5 crossed to the C.
hope that helps.
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Having looked around the boards a bit more I realise now I think I have answered my own question...

The mother of the Doors isn't NL5 x Haze A, it's NL5 x Haze C!

[NL5 x HazeC] x [(NL5 x HazeA) x ((Sk x HazeC) x HazeC)]

The Doors Pedigree:

37.50% NL5
43.75% HazeC
12.50% HazeA
06.25% Skunk

Mother's side:

25.00% NL5
25.00% Haze C

Father's side:

12.50% NL5
12.50% HazeA
18.75% HazeC
06.25% Skunk
but unless im mistaken, i think the AC is (nl5x hazeA(2)) x (skunk x hazeC)
i dont think the skunkhaze was backcrossed to the c again.

Hi Jack thanks for correcting me on the mother of the Doors. I appear to have missed your post when I posted above!

Regarding the backcrossing of the skunk haze in the AC male, I am going on what Shanti said when he first provided the code for the AC male:

This lead me to an old bag of old seed where AC male was revived from, and if you8 really wish to know the code then here it is

NL5(HazeA(2)) x SkHz/HazeC and shortened AC

Shanti quotes the father of the AC male as being SkHz/HazeC.

Hope this helps.
i still dont think you have it right.

i think the AC is 25% each of hazeA, nl5, hazeC, and skunk
the mother is 50% nl5 and hazeC

so it would be
nl5: 37.5%
skunk :12.5%
my guess is the AC is being considered 100% haze, and the nl5 x haze 50%,
so it ends up at 75%.

its nice to think shanti considers his nl5A selection as mainly haze A and the skunk haze selection as mainly haze C.

ive only grown a couple stones so far and havent seen the strong haze influence, but im getting a little more excited thinking of the doors,
if in a way it might be like nl5C x (AxC), then in my mind it should be better than ssh.
and it has been stated that it was a typo, it wasnt skhz/hzC, just skhzC

Ah! I see!!!!

If that is the case you are correct sir:

The Doors:

37.50% NL5
37.50% HazeC
12.50% HazeA
12.50% Skunk

I agree I am more interested in this than SSH!!

Can anyone confirm if the mother of the Doors (NL5xHazeC) is the same mother used for SSH or MH, or whether it is a new selection from Shanti's recently reworked NL5 x HazeC?


Is the haze(ac) the result of haze c being reversed by Nevil and then bred to haze a? If this is the case it makes perfect sense to why Shanti says that the doors is 25% nl5 x 75% haze.
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Nah bro,

This lead me to an old bag of old seed where AC male was revived from, and if you8 really wish to know the code then here it is

NL5(HazeA(2)) x SkHz/HazeC and shortened AC as I only use a male from this seed stock of Nev from 1987 in case you are going to ask me for the year...the month I cannot be sure about.

25%NL, 75%Haze = Poetic license
Isnt crossing the A and the C where the catpiss problem comes out? Least thats what i remember Nevil saying at some point.
Ohhhhh... That makes a bit more sense. Cheers Bud

Now only need The Doors and Pink Floyd to complete the Rock n Rollers!!

Can't wait to get to work with all of these.

And whatever the lineage, I'm sure that Shanti the Baba Boss has worked these lines for the most desirable traits in expression, to suit even the most finicky connoisseur and needy patients tastes.
never really thought about it but nevil created the haze AC line, and shanti selected the male he uses from it?
ive read that quote plenty of times just never really thought about it.

but I also thought I read about shanti selecting the new NL5 x Haze A(2) from old obviously they cant both be right.
im more inclined to believe that shanti did the breeding work on the Haze AC, rather than just selected a plant from nevils seeds.
either way you cant lose, right?
also, just to comment on stonewalls post up there,

how do you get that a reversed Haze C pollinating a Haze A would be like described, 25% NL5 and 75% haze?

totally messed up and confused.

first off, haze C is a male so no need to reverse it in order to pollinate a female.
second, there is no more Haze A, only NL5 x A from mns (as a mother) and cuts of A hybrids out in the world. but if you were to reverse either A or C males into females and pollinated the other one with it, you would have 100% Haze.

so unless you meant NL5A x C, yes that would be 25/75%. and it exists, its called nevils haze.

trying the reverse with whats available, NL5A female reversed into a male, and pollinating a reversed male haze C into a female, could make an interesting mix.
would it be any different from nevils haze? probably. maybe not as good.
and maybe the reversed male would not make viable seeds.

The lineage looks similar to Mango Haze. I'm growing Mango haze Inbred and The Doors outdoors and I can't tell them apart without labels. They grow and look very similar although The Doors has much more variability amongst the phenotypes. They flowered at the same time more or less (some Doors were early and some were late) and the buds look similar so far.

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hands down overall winner

I have grown Doors outside five seasons now alongside BW, NH, MH, U2, EH and NS.

It is almost identical in phenotypes and flowering rate to Mango Haze and most of Doors phenos smell of mango as well. Overall it has some phenos that are earlier than the Mango Haze.

The bud formation is slightly different with a purple tinge to The Doors as opposed to Mango Haze.

Some phenos are short and stocky with fat leaves like an indica and some are tall and lanky with thin sativa leaves. I crossed the stocky pheno with Purple Kush and the sativa one with Thai82.

Overall The Doors has the most consistent high potency over all the Mr Nice strains I have grown and also wins in taste and yield and overall disease resistance. The Doors strain is my personal pick as the most under rated strain at Mr Nice seedbank.