Neville's Skunk OD short season

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Thanks for the kind words fellas. This is my first MNS experience, but certainly won't be my last. My plan is to run some Master Kush/Skunk and Spice next. I think the timing will be just right to get a nice summer season out of them.

No neem for me. There's some fresh dew or rain in some of the shots though. You can't tell, but she's getting her share of mite major infestations; and I don't know if you have them on Oahu SurfD, but there are some crazy leaf miners here that just go nuts if the plants are dark and wet. I just sprayed a foliar tea today to boost resistances. I had forgotten that I used to foliar as much as soil feed the teas and I had less bug stress. I think most of the mites actually came from some super gnarly clones my landlord dumped on me. If it were up to me they would be disposed of and not be anywhere near my plants, but it's not.

Yeah, it's winter so I can't really complain about the sun cuz I'm still growing.:D I'm not sure what the sun will be like in summer here. I moved to this place in August. I'm pretty sure it will be intense and all day. We don't get vogged out too bad. The south side gets the konas worst.

SurfD, sounds like you've got lots of fun grows in your future. Someday I'll have to pick up 10-15 packs. :cool:


Hey G4G, Hows all yer plants doin? Sorry to post pics in your thread and change the subject, but I gots nobody to talk to about the NL5Hz:( How are your NLHzs doing? These are my 6 girls about a month and half from seed, how do yours look? 2 have pink pistils and are kinda leafy, 3 kinda hybrids, and one real hazy....


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Yo dude, my plants are happy right now. I'm stoked! I'm gonna make sure to keep them on a regular foliar feeding regimen. Thanks for posting the pics mang. I've thought about posting my 5Hz pics in this thread, but I don't want them to get lost. Maybe we could start a group thread if it wouldn't be too hard to follow.

I'll post a couple pics of mine for ya. My three all have very similar structure. The main difference is leaf shape, and the one that's most NL leaning has thicker stems, is wider, taller, and just more vigorous in general. However, this may just be due to the fact the smaller ones were overwatered two transplants ago, and I'm still working on fixing it. The cold weather and overcast didn't help either.

I took a pic of my first Nev skunk cutting to show roots. My experience with cloning the Nev's skunk is the same as Ouchie's. These roots are VIGOROUS and healthy. The roots on one of the cuttings actually came up out of the tray and rooted into the top of the cube....don't have a pic though.

5Hz Group Shot

From Right to Left
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If anyone remembers from the first post, I had another Nev's Skunk that turned out to be a male. I never took any photos because I kept it in a 1 gallon pot and mostly only fed it water for the entire 90 days it was alive which made it pretty spindly with very light colored leaves, and I just didn't feel the need to show it.

However, I did keep it around to collect pollen because I wanted to make some F2 seed for the future and it had very thin haze leaves like the girl I have, so I thought it would make for a nice mating since I'm more interested in the Neville's Haze side of this hybrid.

I took some pics of my pollen collection method because it's very simple and effective and I thought others might be able to use it or at least see that it works.

All I did was cut off the few flower clusters that were on the plant, bundled them with a rubber band, put them in a glass of water, and let the pollen drop on a plate. After a day I tapped all of the stems gently to make sure I got as much pollen to come out as possible, and then scraped it up with a business card. Voila!

I was able to get a pretty sizable amount of pollen even from a small male.



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So I got a 5 pack of these Neville Skunks as a promotional from BreedBay. First 5 to pay got a 5 pack of these. I have no clue on the parentage of these seeds was hoping to get a little knowledge before I cracked them. I don't have the room to get them into the mix as it is. So figured I'd grab as much intel as I could before growing them. I to use a mixed soil with all my amendments in it. Pretty much pour water and forget it.
So far from what I've read this strain is a real butt kicker? I hope so I haven't smoked a good skunk since about 1994. The summer I graduated school and my first and only dead lot experiences happened over the two years I took off after getting out of high school. I haven't even seen Skunk Bud since them days. If I end up with males I think I might adapt and use your method for collecting pollen. I'm sure it would be worth keeping. When you do this pollen collecting how careful do you need to be as not to seed out your crop going in your flower room. Where I'm living at now my flower room is in the garage completely it's own walled off and outside door to keep it good and sealed beings I run co2.
Would me setting something like this up inside my house somewhere affect my gardens?
If so should I try to do this as far away from the door to the garage that leads to the garage and then to the door to the flower room.
I'd really hate to seed out an entire flower room just trying to scrape up a little pollen.
Then my veg plants are inside the house in a coat closet under my stairwell that goes up stairs. Will this seed them out as well? Just want to be able to do this without ruining anything else. I guess I could cut the males down and take them to a friends and let them drop their pollen there if need be. Anyways hope I can get some words of advice and maybe some background on the Neville Skunk. I myself have Neville's Haze so if I want that I'll just go crack them. I'm wanting the skunk myself. :)