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hey patrick! i finally registered. what's good at MNS? :D

i've got some catching up to do on your thread!

i left that mango #1 in the jar for a couple weeks and when i rolled up a fat jay the other day it definitely left that heavy incense in the air! woohoo!

smell is deep leather with cedar and lime undertones. taste starts soapy and builds with leather and wood as i progress through a joint. the flavor intensifies as it burns down---that's always good sign!

i put my joint down half way through and forgot about it. another good sign. she's got that haze head that's strong and clear while staying grounded and soft around the edges.

looking forward to see how she does as a cut rather than a seedling. righteous find my friend!

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Yeah, it was a show, Jake. A shitshow as my buddy says lol. Chica had done 50 in the ground in another county with an almost bottomless well the year before on the cheap. Organics & teas. Like I said, the girls she had there were pros, making teas with sump pumps & manifolds in the 275's :D Girl herself fell into the hydroshop mentality - new everything, 20k in the most expensive soil, BOTTLED NUTES, BOTTLED GH PH DOWN HAHAHAHA!!! Sorry I couldn't help myself. I showed her an ebay listing for battery acid ;) She was buying castings thru the mail from kelp 4 less. Seriously. I told her I'd crush it straight thru till Nov (she had a harvest crew scheduled) with no waterboy needed. But I needed one of these 3 things:
1. 25% gross profit payable Jan (I told her I KNEW she way overspent & I was still ok with 25% lol)
2. 25k & no more than 1/2 product payable Jan
3. Buy me the farm (after current harvest), keep her equip if she wanted & take 1/3 of all flowers I could do the next 2 years including 3 deps per year.

She balked, I walked :) Learned a shit ton up there & I know I taught her a ton about gardening.

Keep the choons coming, mu!! Thank you for the kindness. That plant is a winner for sure & sunlight makes for shiny trichs haha!

Yo heady, glad you signed up, the hazes are great over here! :) Thank you for the kind words on the Mango #1, you got a gift for describing flavors. I've gotten a few reports of 'wood' in the taste of these mangoes & it's not something I've really heard before. Eager to see the clone, too!! I'm right on 6 weeks with a copy in a 3 gallon soil smartie & a copy in a double potted hempy bucket. They are in there with that lil Brim's copy ;)

Just heard back that the LN #4 reeeeeeallly helped a friend of mine that also deals with headaches. She gets pukey/aura-ey migraines that fade in & out over a few days at a time. She just texted me that the "magicical grapefruit crush, or whatever it was you left me KO'd a headache that I had for 3 days running..." I've been sitting on my sack of the #4 cause it was exactly a QP, but since I've broken into it, it;s aaaallll love coming back. Yesterday I rolled a lil doobie of LN #4 & a lil doobie of the offsite LN thinking I'd send them both around. Ummmm after I lit that #4 doobie I decided no need to light up the other one just yet. ~1/2g got 3 people niiiiiice. I'm getting to the end of my headache cluster (thank god, lol) but I'll be reaching for it the next time I get hit for sure.


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Oh the fruity goodness. It is always a delight to plant these magical seeds. Got mango? I'll be over in a few, brah :)

Shaka brah


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Whoa, "How do pat pat" haven't heard that in a while! How do yerself ;)

Mu I didn't get much if any fruit from these 4 girls, a little mango & a little grapefruit from 2 of them & the #1 & #3 were straight wood/spice/incense/sweet body odor type plants. Burned that #1 yesterday & less than a gram in 2 tiny doobies. 1 at a time was plenty for me & my girl out on a spring drive. She says its like smoking incense. The afterburn on cured nugs is "god forgive me" as nice as the uptown haze I remem-mem-rememamembah from NYC 20 years ago. Gonna take parts of the clone at different harvest times from ~60-75 days to see if the terp profile on the dry/unburnt nugs can step up some. Have one in a dutchpotted perlite hempy & one in a 3 gal smartie, both almost 8 weeks into 12/12 (timer is actually on 11:15 & 12:45off lol)

Ok, gotta get through these, sorry but I've been sick & super busy & these 3 reports are not what I was looking forward to back in Aug when I wet the beans, but I did find that #1 plant soooo....

Mango #2 went ~87 days & was the longest flowering of all my plants last run. She could have taken the whole tent by herself, she was a MONSTER. She wanted another 10 days or less light intensity to finish, I starved her & drought stressed the shit outta her. To the point I saw a few nanners at the end of bloom. Little bit of color, least density of any of the plants in this run. I needed to double screen these plants & I didn't & so lots of larf & the plant that was fluffiest to begin with, well... Maybe 1/4 of wha went in the bag is loose & shaky & even the buds look loose & larfy, but the mains are huge. By size, I put 1/4 of the 'buds' into the trim bag. 119g in the sack. TON of larf in the trim bag & the sack looks pretty swaggy & the lack of density leaves it prone to drying QUICK if I open the turkey bag or even leave it in a room with airflow.

Smoking on some now & I decided to not do a complete report on the last 3 mangoes. I will jot down what I think of them, but to give them numbers isn't right because of the conditions they were grown under:

*These plants were very heavily sativa influenced
*There were far too many plants in the tent (many reasons this negatively impacted the grow)
*The plants were vegged for ~2 weeks past sexing in veg lighting, leading to huge rootmasses/stems
*The tent lacked a badly needed second screen to support the 2+' long colas generated by the 1k halide & the 3gallons of smartie funtime.

Plants flopped like crazy. Buds laying on & under buds. Shit that was supported was so unnaturally close to the bulb/light intensity. Sativas hate that. Too many pots in there for me to effectively prune or add support after the fact. Grow had plants in a screen ranging from 60 days-90+ days flower time. Lots of shortsightedness on my part in running these like this. Sativas are not easy to get right under the best conditions. My conditions were barely acceptable. I had airflow & light intensity & temp/humidity & human/dog added co2 & a light proof tent. After that I laaaaagggeeeddd.

Ok so #2 smokes well. Smoked it after a TOUGH night where I had no herb for like 12 hours & got a killer hazy high from it :) It smells slightly mango, slightly sandalwood, slightly acrid. Buds had a little color on the plant, but it really didn't come thru on drying. Like I said, the buds sort of look like swag. Frosty swag, lol. I give away a lot of herb & the chicks dig this & the #3 mango especially. "Grapefruit" (LN4) is a hit, as is mango #1, but I don;t give those away much :p

Would absolutely grow this again from clone, but I don't see that happening in the next year so I dropped her. Will be tough to get donations AT ALL on the rest of the sack, it may get turned into the killah-illah bubble hash. I didn't weigh up the trim from the mangoes individually but I have ~260g to run total.

^^ALL Mango #2 fueled, so yeah it's strong & Columbian, hahaha^^


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Mango #1 from clone @69 days. Chopped right after the pic, same branch as pictured above.

This is my haze for a while. It is not in my foreseeable plans to run any more mango or la nina, or to start any Af/Hz seeds. I do have 3 LaNina & 4 Mk/Sk cuts to look through, but even those will have to get squeezed in. Haze & OG for Patty, & right now I have some very practical & tasty copies to run with ;)


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Nice Pat!!
She's a keeper from my vantage, that's for sure. I absolutely love the look of that cola bud.

Where'd you source your OG? I'm still searching for the funk and would love your opinion on who I should throw my money at!

Take it easy starfish,


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This Mango Haze plant likes to make mains, even though they are not super heavy hahaha! Got 2 jars of ~70 day soil grown and a lil more than a halfa jar of ~65 day perlite hempy flowers of mango for my spring & early summer smokings.

The OG's I have now came as testers last fall from "ojd" @Connoisseur Genetics via icmag/seedboutique. Triangle OG x LemChem. I did a tester thread in his subforum at IC. Triangle OG is allegedly the mother of the OG's (sfv, tahoe, platinum, etc...) LemChem daddy is Lemon Larry OG x [Chem D x (Chem D x Afghan)]. Got 5 females & dusted them wth the 2 best males I saw from 5 males total. All stable as seedplants & all well worth re-running from clone. I want to keep them all, but will probably keep the #2 & #5 as they are heavy & reek of goodness. Leaning towards not doing #3 again inside (finished fast with light yield), maybe tossing out a big shrub in teh woods in a few weeks ;)
#1 - Lemon Skunk
#2 - Stank OG
#3 - Lime Kush
#4 - Sour Dee
#5 - Chem Point-Oh

I'd buy from Connoisseur without hesitation after running these. I think True Canna has the same parent plants & thus could do the same cross. Honestly, most of the guys using proven clones & repeating the seed making after finding things that pair well seem to have loyal followings. IC is a pretty good jump off for researching breeders, just due to the level of activity & number of members. Over there, ther are enough peeps that just about everything has been grown by SOMEONE, just do your trust their opinions?? ;)


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Its been a long time paddy and boy did you step up your game!!!

I remember when you posted about those la nina seeds way back, thats crazy.

I've been away from the scene for a long time and am clueless to the MH IBL, looks like you did a fantastic job with that along with the others!

Glad to read your doing well and in a friendly legal state helping people out.

All the best bro, you've come a long way!


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Mango Hz inbred #1 went 77 days & was possibly overripe. I cut a piece ~60 days & the terps were almost 100% uptown haze, which is my holy grail plant. If you know, than you know….

Nug feel/burn - Perfection. Calyxes roll off the stems & don't require crushing or molesting to roll up. Crumblin herb. A small bud gets plopped in a bowl & the stem pulled out like shucking seeds & smokes perfectly. The smell in the air? PIF. Mom says... "Smells like church". 2 weeks later she asks again "Are you burning incense?" muh'afukkin TEN