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I see a CBD Skunk Haze that looks interesting AND a Holy Grail!

My list is growing ... :) neat basket again.
You guys can not believe how much I love this company. I bought the fruity mix pack first from the auctions, already vaping Citical Haze and gosh, she is my style of high. Euphoric, cheshire smile and no paranoia (READ EDIT). Exactly what I was hoping to get. Glad to have had her in my collection but I will top her next time. She has a hard time standing up now, so heavy 🤤

EDIT: I wrote no paranoia after vaping unfinished thieved buds. Now smoking full ripe bud in a joint and I can not finish it. This is stronger then I imagined :D Gonna vape this one real slow lol. For a joint my tolerance is too low now. The force is strong in that one.

And new edit: ok that j has been burned to the tip and it has all balanced out very nicely. That cheshire smile will haunt me into bed and I got inspired to write, compose, talk as if I am a self proclaimed. genius. I feel me becoming me again and alive, alive I tell you. (Read it dramaticly) It were hard weeks, days, day. This was a long earned rest.
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To the fallen heroes in quest of the illusive Mango Haze IBL, do not despair as you have a chance at resurrection and redemption. Sara just informed me that there is still some stock left, though limited. Look for it to be in rotation until it's gone.



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Mango Haze Inbred Generation
“Inbred generation using female MH select to Male F1 selected seed made by Shantibaba personally.
Tall haze plant expected with good yields.
Unreleased prevoiusly in this version"

Originally Posted by shantibaba
MH inbred is one part of a back cross i did some 16 months ago when i was playing around to find a 8-9 week cloner. Did not finish this work and there are some gems to find in this seed foresure....not much more info i can offer on i did not test it in this batch, only germination was tested.
You do have permission to quote these two pieces of information if you feel they help clarify things on the respective areas of relevance. Sb

Originally Posted by shantibaba 12/12/13
saw this thread and thought to dispel any doubts. The male S1 seed i used to go back with the MH mother select was broad leaf faster flowering similar structure to his mother...resin production was very quick on certain parts of the male...all positive traits. So he was kept as a inter generational breeding partner. The MH ibl is this beginning of the line i just can go many places from here depends what your selecting preferences are for...

Derived from the MH IBL posts here on the site. A lot of excellent growers have given her a try, sharing their grows. Informative reading and I agree about finding the aromas and the shorter duration of grow.