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It's great to see the G13 x Afghan Skunk being offered on the auction page! I can't say enough about this variety. Smell and flavor combined with ease of grow, she really is a fine addition to the grow room. When I run her again, I plan to top her and let her go longer in the veg. I bet she'd scrog nicely. Great medicine with chunky buds and a serious resin producer, she'll make a name for herself once the word gets out.

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Damnnn Mu, what a beauty. Now I have another strain I’ll have to add to the collection!


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Less than 7 hrs left. It says they’ve been in the freeze and suggests germination rates may be in question. Had I launched mine correctly I would have had 100%. As it was, I got 9/10. I’m sure my bid for 30 will win this batch lol.



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