impotent med man?

PaPa J

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Just curious about medicine man pheno's. Is there a pheno with super high cbd and very low thc? I ask because the first one I grew has little to no thc type high. Just curious. Thanks Papa J.
Cant say Ive come across any really low potency girls in the line...definately some very chilled versions but most are pretty good. Knockout is in there....I've found that...haha
I haven't tested my grows so wouldn't know. The Prof is right in that some phenos seem fairly benign- a combination of smooth smoke and slow come-on. After half a j, I usually wake up several hours later :D
BTW Master Kaze has that same kind of tricky. Menehunes I tell ya!

I doubt you'll find a med man with more than 1% CBD. My medman tested at 16.50 thc, 0.05 cbd. Virtually no CBD yet has a nice body/head stone.