DJ Short smokes seeded bud ?


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Hi everyone I was just reading a new little article on another forum by DJ short in which he talks again about todays views on modern cannabis. He swears blind that the best weed he has ever smoked was seeded and that he would gladly take the dregs out of some dusty old seeded Acapulco Gold than most of todays dank shiny seedless weed. This really interested me and I was curious to know the views of mns growers and smokers what their views were. I myself have smoked seeded weed and really liked the high from it, it was alot calmer and more mellow. However im nervous about trying to grow seeded bud because everywhere iv read tells me to do the opposite. Thanks alot. CF.
I dont think you could compare smokin ,your seeded bud or the average seeded bud to the reference Ag DJ short made .

I believe he referred to the import of yesteryear which would be a tough comparison IMO.

The resulting end product grown from average bagseed should be of higher quality with knowledge and care .But bud with seeds is thought to convert its energy into making seed instead of trichome production. soo sensimillia is usually more potent than seeded bud

Hi all,
Not seeing the exact quote from DJ above, but going off of the information presented, I would have to say my experiences and opinions are close to what is presented above as well. Some of the best cannabis Ive ever smoked, in terms of being very special, not overwhelming power, were seeded. In fact, many of you would turn your nose up at. But you would not be laughing for long, or would you? ;)

I have seen some extraordinary cannabis of very modern descent, but Ive also seen cannabis that looked very primitive that was incredible in its own right. I enjoy a wide range of cannabis varieties and types, and the days of only wanting to smoke commercial kind bud that looks great in the bag are long behind me. In a smokers path to enlightenment, there are many benches along the way. Some of our paths are narrow, where others are paved with gold. Ultimately we're all trying to get to the same destination though.
Trichromes and their resin are in fact a protection system for those little ones and do seem to kick into overdrive after fertilization.
However im nervous about trying to grow seeded bud because everywhere iv read tells me to do the opposite.

I wouldn't go seeding ALL my bud, but if your making seeds it deffinately not unsmokeable;)
He swears blind that the best weed he has ever smoked was seeded and that he would gladly take the dregs out of some dusty old seeded Acapulco Gold than most of todays dank shiny seedless weed.

I'd have to say the best weed high I've ever had was from some seeded 80's dirtweed looking stuff that tasted relatively poor, but had a nice spice rack smell. Wonderful warm psychedelic effect.
DJ Short said:
I do tend to favor the experience provided by seeded vs. seedless herb, this includes the hash made from either. There are a number of reasons for this—I’ve had experience with both having raised a fair amount of seeds and sinsemilla, and the best herb I’ve ever experienced was seeded (and hermaphroditic). We must differentiate between ‘herb’ and ‘hash’.

First, the hash: I am not certain about the Afghani or the Nepalese, but I recall that Moroccan and Lebanese hashes were both made from seeded herb. I imagine that most commercial hash is produced from outdoor-grown or wild plants that would have at least a few seeds. But the best domestic hash I’ve yet to try definitely came from seeded herb.

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Hello friends. As i see this is thrue.I vote for the best Ganja with not too much seeds . I grow ganja too because this is the way to make our seeds and the best herb i ever smoke was ganja .I think that the good seeds come from the best ganja .Keep growing ganja.:D
On this way we have both ;)

This was the last bud from this plant with all seeds for ganja lovers

Was the american govt. that started the bullshit about seeded weed being crap.
One other way to slow the spread of the seed.

We generally have seeded and non seeded clones of the same plant running at the same time.
I have never been able to tell the difference, nor has anyone that has smoked both with me.
Not that I have paid attention on purpose ;)
G`day Coop

Reminds me of some bud a friend showed me once nice tight chunky brown nugs .The guy had about 10 lbs of the stuff .
I fossicked through and found a nice sample and took it home to give a smoke test .When I crumbled the bud hundreds of seeds burst out everywhere . Now I had read in an Ed Rosenthal grow book about the relative weight ratios in seeded bud . So after husking the seeds and preparing the weed ,I weighed the bud and the smokeables seperately 1gm of weed and 2 grams of mature dark seed .
As you might of guessed already I didn`t partake of anymore of that gear that season .
2:1 ratio makes for some very expensive doobies .

Thanks for sharin
Elmer Bud .

The durbanXsomething I'm puffin on right now is from a seeded half ounce I bought off of a guy who got seriously burned by a grower he didn't know. I did not partake of any more of his gear either, found over sixty seeds in that count but luckily the progeny do not disappoint.
Hi Elmer i think that this is very bad ratio.
Just measure 100 seeds they weight 2 grams
This bud on picture was about 5 grams with 10 seeds max they weight 0,2 gr .
The ather seeds was from whole plant but not as much as 2 grams seeds.
In my good Ganja ratio was 50gr weed and 2 gr seeds or 50/2
Do you like this ratio ? ;)

Seeds of your typical cannabis plant have a mass of 0.025 g

This mean 100 seeds weight 100 X 0,025 = 2,5 grams
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Dan said:
Not that I have paid attention on purpose ;)

Ah but you see DJS did! And for decades!

DJ pays close attention to such things. It's just the way he is.
How it smokes & affects us are paramount to him, and in all
his years he has come 2 the conclusion that seeded is better.

He's not saying this is a scientific fact.

He's only saying it's his truth.

And I 4 1 Believe Him.
another from DJ

I can't produce the source at the moment, but DJ also wrote about herms being more potent than non-herm plants. Maybe it is the seed and not the dreaded herm that effected the potency.
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Back in the mid to late seventies everything I puffed had seeds,
Columbian Redbud,Mexican Weeds Like Michoacan,Guerro,Oaxacan,
occasional Thai's,
The only seedless herbs I smoked then was a one time event with Thai Sticks(no seeds in those)
Excellent Herb most of the time and the smell and taste were easily distinguishable between types.
Some of it was trippy shit too.
Man I wish I had saved those seeds...ah but who knew?