CBD Zkittles

I'm back with news..... these plants are nice... no issues, nice progress.
Feeding 1 day on two off under the T5's
Running 1.1 -1.3 ec / ph 5.8 -5.9

Very squat, tight, uniform plants at the moment.

18 / 6
74°-76° f
50-65 rh

One neem & soap treatment as a prevention a day or two ago.

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Really liking how it's coming along.

Stay tuned !
Hey all , here's another week past.

Fans and exhaust running 24/7
1.4 ec 5.8 ph
73°f. 55-70 RH
Hey all , here's another week past.
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Fans and exhaust running 24/7
1.4 ec 5.8 ph
73°f. 55-70 RH
Time Flys, another week and I'm truly amazed at the ease and rate of growth.

73-75°f / 56-65 rh
Transplanted into the squat 3.5 gal plastic planters.
Moved to a 3'6" tray under a 400w Sky Blue Hortliux
Feeding approx 1.5 to 2 quarts daily
1.6 ec / 800ppm. 5.8-6.0 ph
2nd neem shower as a preventive
Keeping it breezy
Update shortly..
Hello, it's been a long week to say the least. 20210927_193217.jpg20210928_183659.jpg20210929_044811.jpg20211001_201718.jpg

These pics for some reason are looking sub-par... I'll try a different phone next week.
All previous environmental and feed numbers remain static give or take minimal shift. These girls are getting ready to take off. Will swap out the 400 w MH to a 600w Sky Blue within the week before unleashing the l.e.d's a week later.
As a update the Spider and HLG are out but will be replaced with equivalent QB's direct from China , purchased the heatsinks , drivers , wires and connectors from various online retailers.

Update soon

He yall , sorry had to take care of some business on the coast.

Here are pics that span about 10 days since the last post.
Very happy, going well.
Switched out the 400 for a 600 after about 4 days, they needed more! Started to stretch but caught it in time.
other than that, ec / ph , nutes , temp and humidity are pretty much as previously noted. Obviously, more green mass more humidity but this space is vented very well and the air flow above and below canopy is excellent.

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Ok were at weeks 4.5 through 6 of veg in this series. At this point I've showered the girls 5x in a neem soap mix , trying to keep the humidity around 55 -60% and a lights on temp of 77° content air movement and exchange 24 / 7.... my EC range is .9 to 1.4 and PH 5.8 - 6.1, the six are on two tables and as you will see I've supplemented the 600w MH with a pair of 330w QB's I put together.
Growth is astonishing, Vigorous and robust, no real smell other than the occasional and generic smell of weed growing when I enter the chamber.

I had originally thought as they were still small and in early veg that these were going to be a fat , squat indica leaning strain but I'm starting to see the sativa cumming out of these ladies.20211015_201419.jpg20211015_201445.jpg20211016_175713.jpg20211017_183737.jpg20211019_232346.jpg20211009_194904.jpg20211011_171701.jpg20211012_192707.jpg20211008_225044.jpg20211020_191448.jpg
20211106_003047 (1).jpg20211106_000440 (1).jpg20211106_000435 (1).jpg20211029_131017 (1).jpg20211028_174200 (1).jpg20211026_044400 (1).jpg20211025_193850 (1).jpg20211025_190645 (1).jpg20211023_174510 (1).jpg

20211022_225928 (1).jpg

Weeks 6.5 /7 getting ready to flip 12/12 , pistols everywhere and these girls are ready to flower.
Pulled the 600 MH and added 3rd 330w QB
Temps dropped a bit pulling the 600w , added a dehumidifier to exchange the moisture in the air and got the needed heat as a byproduct.
1.8 EC / 6.0 PH
Constant air exchange and several fans rotated on and off on 12 /12 cycle. Feeding 2 x day keeping runoff to minimum other than heavy feed 1x week .

Took a dozen cuts. We'll see how the cuts react.
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Hey yall,
We're 4 days past flipping to 12/12...
Massive stretch almost immediately, had to ditch the tables I built for this go and drop my 3 gals to risers on casters for height issues. No other real issues at all

Temps average 85 lights on and 68 off.
RH 50%
EC 1.7 -2.1
PH 5.9 -6.2
Will flip the clones in about 2 weeks
I think I should have topped these girls early on in veg but thought they were going to remain squat...
sorry about the pic posted, they look clear and detailed before being resized . I'm working on it , 3 different phones. Pics look great here. If anyone has any tips please share.
These plants are really pretty and would like the pics to be a true representation.

Until next time...


Ok, I think these pics represent the CBD SKITTLES plants much better..

These are approaching the end of two weeks of 12 / 12

Clones are about 3 weeks from cut.

EC and PH are about the same at 5.9-6.2 / 1.7-2.1

temps high 60's dark and mid to high 80s lights on.

orange pistols almost immediately...
I pickup several scents of
Grapefruit, Mellon , Honey and Skunk
Very leafy and Vigorous growth. Seeing alot of red , purple and lime green highlighted by a thick dusting of crystals. Very sticky nuggets. Unless you have the room inside these need to be topped or cropped or something because these are larger than average hybrids. Off the cuff , I'd imagine these are > 65% Sativa

I do see two variations but they are still close..
One has definitely fatter leafs and the other has a longer thinner more classic leaf.

The clones are topped and religious LST will be utilized

I can't wait to see what the next 50 days will show.

I give this strain a 9 5 of 10 so far.

Thank you Mr.Nice !

20211118_075444 (1).jpg20211118_232955 (1).jpg20211118_232932 (1).jpg20211118_232213 (1).jpg20211118_235008 (1).jpg20211118_233021 (1).jpg20211118_233006 (1).jpg20211120_003308 (1).jpg


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