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Hi All

Well a gentleman called Jeff Ditchfield from the UK has been at the Spannabis show in Barcelona for the last few years compiling his own independent information about CBD. He recently finished a short film entitled ` In Search of CBD` and sent it to all the seeds companies to review. Without another word from me, it does seem to illustrate the reason why we formed the CBD crew and it reinforces why the logo will be important to the future medical patient who is in search of real CBD!

Just to be clear about things I really did not know him until this interview but i did give him some CBD enriched seeds a year before at the Spannabis...like i did for many others. His results, tests, grow room et al were all done independently and without any knowledge of myself or Jaime or anyone at the CBD crew.

The CBD -crew would like to thank Jeff Ditchfield and his camera man for taking the time to clarify some things , myths and marketing phallicies that are currently the norm in this unregulated industry. Let`s hope change for the better is in the air for the benefit of the medical user.

wow,this guy really is thorough ...almost zealous(which is a good thing.)
I like the fact that he spoke about his collective's tintcure compared to bayer's and that he approached alot of seed merchants.
Notice that the bulk of the footage had only one person somewhat demystify the concept behind developping CBD enriched plants;)
(an artist will always leave the audience wanting more...!)
Bravo on sharing your vision of therapeutic and hollistic medicine;someday the world will look back on the work you guys do!
The most knowledgable of masters were once the most curious pupils;it's the idea,(the vision), that blurs all lines drawn because of time.
Stay hungry and stay curious!
An Example of True 'Grassroots' Leadership.


. . . And Still the only seed company a person Needs: Mr. Nice.


Is that GC/MS analysis with total ion content detection?

My limited analysis of commercial alternatives indicates the propylene glycol added to the anhydrous ethanol formulation is to help with moisture that may pose a stability issue upon formulated product storage.

Formulations with Mannitol were also interesting as an effervescent with sublingual delivery.

Pharmasolve demonstrated limited success for parenteral formulations, and stability was an issue with all tested excipients.

Thanks Again & Good Luck,
Hi Shantibaba,

Can you recommend a CBD enriched strain that is suited for outdoor cultivation and is top shelf meds?
I may just have to try some of the CBD enriched seeds
to see what its all about.

keep it green
In Search Of CBD#3 Tester Heritage-Info ?

I'm Very Exited At The Prospect Of Growing Some CBD Testers This Summer. Does Anyone Know Where I can Study Up On CBD # 3 ?
With last years Project Z Test I Came To The Conclusion The " CBD Remedy " Was Not A Outdoor U.K Plant. However This Resinous Specimen Of The Z6 Looks Great Up Close


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