4 MNS Dreamtimes on a side of lettuce


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I've got these great seedlings about 6+ wks now . Thought it best to start this thread just to have a place to put them!! Nice fat leaves, especially on the big one who has stood out from the start.Quart/750ml wine bottle for scale (yes , they tower above it)
Medium: Promix and compost
Lighting: window and flourescent veg.
Blood/bone meal tea started.
Dreamtime is an indoor seed mix and not a strain! Respect to Barnflowers who also has a dreamtime thread going-Peace and happy growing all:)


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So I was watering my plants last night as I smoked a J and it suddenly occured to me,

I was standing in Shanti's field
! (albeit a very very small field 1.2M square)

All of the genetics are MNS and every one is a gem! Truly a delight so far.

field of dreams

Thanks Barnflowers, especially in your case also a field of dreams:) in the Dreamtime!
No doubt the MNS genetics are strong and well bred. These plants are very strong and can turn into monsters if let go :D hm getting ideas here !

Thanks Toolwrenchus :) Good to hear you're on a healthy diet, yes this dreamtime lettuce is mouthwatering for sure, such big juicy seedling and the fat curly leaves are almost like buttercrunch lettuce on the one at least.
Good to have some MNS going, 3 strains so far. Will be at least 3 more in a few weeks. Gotta love it! :D Think I'll go sip some oil now...oliveand canna oil dressing for the salad !
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Dreamtime 7 wks

Just to update on the seedlings making the sixth node now.
They're big but I'll give them another 2 wks before deciding on outdoor or 12/12 indoor. Only have the four so I'm thinking indoor the safest way to end up with something !! I'll put any males outside for sure :cool:

Heres the healthy 4 , normal quart/750ml red wine bottle /scale. The biggest one (right front)continues to impress. All looking good though


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Thanks Barnflowers , yes happy with their size and the big juicy leaves,(Nitrogen rich soil) the finished plants will likely push 4 ft. As to sex I generally don't worry about it until I get a clear indication , generally 3-4 wks 12/12 . I have been fooled a few times in the past by the female pre flowers which can be there ahead of male flowers or females with some maleness..I generally keep the males too, putting them out for ripening /pollen collection away from things..Hoping for 2-3 females, I generally get 70-75% females. Hard to tell though. These had a cool start , but that mimics a cool spring start so we'll see..
If the flower room was empty I'd pop them in , but these are waiting in line , due to the bushy hybrids I'm finishing. Should be fine in 2-3 weeks.

Another angle of view on the Healthy MNS Dreamtimes


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Wow stone splitter your dream times are so so so freakin different to bar flowers I need to drop some of my beans I think

leaf lettuce and MJ!Should make for a pretty good salad!

Those DTs should make for some"voluptuous"mammies!
Thanks all! We'll hope for the best with these 4. There might only be 2 girls here but I'll keep the males too , isolated for pollen collection.
Whats great about these grow threads is precisely how different even the same strain grows under different conditions/methods .
I'm very tempted to plant these outdoors now, just to see how big they can get:D
Just nervous with only 4 that pests will get them.. could fence them I guess..:cool:
Dreamtime flowers

The 4 dreamtimes have parted ways. 3 turned out males and have been milked of pollen. THe big fatleafed favourite turned out female which has given two nice clones as well so quite happy really as the female is big and sturdy in the 12/12 room.Nice bud formation at 4 weeks in the room. Aromas sweet young bud with some definite deeper richer tones starting. Big plant this one at least 4 ft very pleased it was the chosen female out of the 4.
Here are some pix of the males . The short purplish one is outdoor next to some harvested/cut back hybrids. THis is the shortest of the 3 males and the hybrid is intended short but lacking something so I hope to get some seed..
I will post a pic of the female when I can time the photography with the end of the daylight cycle soon..;)
The 2 males indoors about 4 ft/1m+ nice piney aromas pollen collected daily by tapping tops over a large ziplock bag , one for each plant. Male on left is fastest done and more open structure. Keeping in mind this is a mix of strains so each male could produce quite different offspring.


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Pics of the 12/12 garden with dreamtime female in right pic surrounded by nhs and skunkhaze/ in left pic some hybids still finishing and some others harvested in background . Younger plants just put in all least 12 wks veg.


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Good to see you back Stonesplitter, are you here and away all summer?
Looks like your garden is a good size judging by the totes.

Yes back around abit lots coming now including skunkhaze have just been very preoccupied with so much as so many are this time of year.
I just pollenated one lower branch of small buds on my big dreamtime girl. With the fastest of the draeamtime males. I have also used the dreamtime pollen against my own keeper . My dreamtime female budding up quickly and nice deep but sweet aromas, whitening buds at this point , losing yellowed leaves. will try to get a photo up soon !
dreamtime big fat leafed girl grown up

Finally presenting the lone female of the four. The favorite from the start as the biggest and fattest leaves ever!
THis girl finishing very fast here at 5 weeks 12/12. Five feet tall.
Losing leaves fast. BUds whitening very dense strong sweet resin smell with deeper tones rotten fruit..
2 clones taken well rooted .ONe lower branch pollinated with fastest dreamtime male with good aromas and structure.
3 views of the big girl:cool:


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Thanks, yes getting quite sugary indeed, can't wait to see it by next moon!
It is finishing fast though, so the harvest date is not definite.
Big advantage of long veg period is faster finish , crash finish in this case:D