Z7 grow diary

Finally some pics

All phenos, except B, are at 19 days into flower. Pheno B is on day 12. The indica dominant phenos are B, D, G, I and possibly C. Pheno J is the mostly Sativa, and it is one of my favorites to look at. Pheno J is also the biggest plant, considerably. And they are all pretty big, but J is a BUSH. Starting to watch for hermies, but that probably wouldnt start showing till week 4-6, I would guess? The feedings are light so far. When they are fed its peruvian tea they get. Mostly RO water to this point, but they are starting to want regular feedings. Oh, and they all drink water like nothing I have ever seen.

Pics taken tonight (all but one) Tallest pheno is around 6 1/2ft(J), smallest is 4 1/2ft(B)

Pheno B

Pheno C

Phen D, taken on 5/2

Pheno E

Pheno F

Pheno G

Pheno I

Pheno J
Sorry, I could not get full plant shots
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Bud Shots

Pheno B is on day 17 of flower. The rest of the phenos are on day 24. Pheno J is still stretching a bit, the rest have stopped. Pheno B stretched another 8-10 in., but seems to be focusing on flower development for the last two days. They are starting to smell, strong. I will check for definitive scents next week.


Pheno B

Pheno C

Pheno D

Pheno E

Pheno F

Pheno G


Pheno I


Pheno J
Would love to hear about your thoughts on the smells starting to emerge from the phenos as they flower. I simply love the smells/tastes from this strain and her phenos! Some of my favourites hands down!
Would love to hear about your thoughts on the smells starting to emerge from the phenos as they flower. I simply love the smells/tastes from this strain and her phenos! Some of my favourites hands down!

Hey grooveh,

Im smelling dried orange peels and play-dough mostly. The sweet smells have went away, for the moment at least. The smells are so strong that they dry out my tongue. I love it.
Peace bro
No love lost

Well, I regret that the first update in the last two weeks+ is to report that I had to pull a pheno early due to a herm issue. But at 45 days, sadly, we lost one of the eight. Still looks pretty good, too bad she couldnt have went at least 56. It was a touchy pheno with feeding, it liked to be flushed once a week. Every other Z is looking great and maintains a straight forward feeding schedule(as much food as possible). Gonna have most finish between 56 and 63 days. Probably only two that are going to need 70+.

Sorry for the lack of pics. I have been busy with things I would rather not be doing. I will get some shots very soon. I have 4 that are foxtailing, one was this hermie, and only one low yielder but quality looks stellar. Respect.

Taken yesterday


Pheno D, smells like grapfruit and the scissor hash tasted great. Also relieved a headache, sore back and naseua I was suffering from last night. Actually worked incredibly well. If this is just a preview of whats to come.... Im more than happy. As nice as this pheno looks, I have four others that look just as good or better.

My energy has also been off the last few weeks. I feel that this pheno has intersex tendencies, but I also feel like there was something I could have done to prevent it. Maybe not top it, more root space. Im really not sure why, but I am not going to toss this ones clone just quite yet. Shit, if the weed is anything like the scissor hash was, I might still have it tested.
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Default 2 seeds of z7 that I put went out with the soft radicula

I have a problem for querminar them z7, and the fact is that after 24 hours in water then I put them in napkins and they go out with the soft root ..... how does it them recommend me to germinate?:(
Im very sorry if any of the methods I use have caused you problems while attempting them. I take it that you lost two seeds? I couldnt tell you why that happened. I will say that Im sorry for your troubles. Hopefully there is someone out there that has dealt with this issue and could share how they fixed the problem.

One thought that comes to mind, maybe temps are off or something of a similar nature.
Pheno F harvest-54 days of 12/12





This pheno didnt grow much between week 6 and now. It sure packed on the resin though. She smells like an unpeeled orange, with a grapefruit undertone. Very sticky, should make some quality hash. The buds are small but rock hard. Plus with the amount of resin it has, I would expect it to hold weight pretty well. Easily the lowest yielding pheno of the bunch but that could be do to all the topping she went through. Yield isnt the issue however, quality is. Still shouldnt judge a book by its cover. We'll have to see how it smokes and tests. Let the fun begin. I will be taking down three more within the next 5 days.
I love that orange peel smell of the THC phenos of this strain! I just broke out an oz from a vacuum-sealed freezer pack and now all I can smell on my fingers is orange peels! The taste of this pheno is among my top 5 faves! It just lingers on the tongue forever!
Pheno I-55 days






This pheno smells of strawberries. :)

Thanks for the kind words GF, I harvest one in a few days thats just beautiful. It resembles zeimai's pheno in this months BOTM. Just finished a tad sooner.


Youve had me anxious this whole grow:) Thanks for sharing the possitive energy. This line of fems seems to be worth the risk. Respect.


Im taking these shots as I harvest, so I havent been able to try it yet. Ill get those smoke reports to you asap bro. Im curious also. Much love brother.
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Pheno G-56 days







Pheno G smells a lot like my Chemdog, like baby shit. Smells really good, just not as pungent as the CD. The buds are dense and covered in trichs. Near 100% milky trichome heads with a few amber stalks. Trichs are already starting to degrade in anything thats mostly amber in color. This plant stayed short through flowering and was easy to grow. Btw, first three harvested have not displayed a single pollen sac or seed. I will feel very condident when I donate these clones to the community.

Pheno E-58 days







Pheno E really finished nicely. It has some nice colors showing and is extremely sticky. The seed that is in the last pic is probably due the fact that I have been harvesting pollen over the last two weeks. It could be from the pheno that hermied and I pulled at week 6, the two plants were next to one another. I did find a single male flower on this pheno while I was manicuring, I think it was caused from the flush. It couldnt have been the cause for this seed though. That was the only pollen sac that I found and also the only seed. Seems like a negative but its not as bad as it could seem.

The smells are a clashed mix of sweet fruit and dry fruit peels. It is kind of hard to put my finger on, but maybe a short cure might make something stand out. The buds were way to big for the branches to support so a lot of tieing was necessary. If I could generalize one thing about this group of plants, it would be that they are strong where the branch and stalk meet but the stems might fold near the middle if not tied up in advance. I really need to run a non-manipulated crop one time to see if they do better with one main cola. Some might, you never know.

I am at day 62 with phenos C and J and at 55 with pheno B. The lights are turned off and the last three will be harvested over the next three or four days.

Pheno C-63 days





Eventhough only 50-60% of the pistils changed color, I was able to find some patches of amber trichs and a considerable number of pink trichome heads. There isnt any smell beyond a salty, plant odor. The calyxes are almost non-existant, but the buds have good resin content. Not one of my favorite plants asthetically. The buds are dense, should yield well.

Hello, very attractive photos. Thank you for the description of various phenols. I continuous to follow your newspaper with interest, thank you.
your pheno E is absolutely stunning....

beautiful colors, calyxes, tons of resin, and not too much leaf.... or at least a beautiful trim job...

really bro...

also, i remember the girls from Resin seeds telling me that the CBD phenos will run longer, and to get the full CBD effect you have to let them run as long as possible....

in the case of your buds, i personally like the pics of those phenos that were picked a bit later....

great job.... when youre ready for a smoke report please stop by the z7 testimonial thread and testify to the magic!

love an respect
I'd have to agree w/fxginbcn about pheno E, she's volumtuous!
Pheno F looks to be interesting aswell, but all nice specimens for sure.
Can't wait to hear how they smoke & turn out after the cure.
Congrats TG!

Pheno B-59 days






Pheno B never seemed to go through a peak bloom phase. It grew like an indica for the first 30 days but didnt really start to gain weight until that last two weeks. She smells faintly like watermelon and is very sticky. The buds are kind of gushy and the resin content is not bad either. I wouldnt argue if someone suggested that I gave this an extra 5-7 days. In terms of trichome colors, this pheno is on par with the rest. About 20% amber, maybe a tad less. Peace

Thanks for that suggested flowering time, fx. I'll let the next run ripen up a bit more.
Peace bro

Smoke Dream,

Thanks and I agree myself on the pheno E topic. Its starting to throw a fruit peel smell, needs more time still. Im a day away from completing the harvest on all 7 phenos and about 3 days away from the start of the smoke reports. It will be at a 2 week cure for pheno F. Im going to test smoke at 2,4,6 and 8 weeks into cure. I will report anything that seems worth the time(after the 2 week report). Im also starting to think about getting them tested. It might get sporatic, so I will just report as the tests come through.