Will SSH finish outdoors in SE Australia?


Hi folks. I'm just going through my bean collection getting ready for the Aussie outdoor season and selecting which varieties to grow.
Does anyone have experience with SSH outdoors in SE Australia? Just wanting to know if it will finish here. I'm in A.C.T and we get 1st frost around mid May. I've grown mango haze here successfully and hoping to do the same with SSH.


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Hey brah! IME, SSH usually finishes before the Mango. You should be good to go. A great strain with great yields. Good hunting!



Thanx for your replies guys.
I had already read MNS's description of SSH where it states it should be done by mid april but was a bit concerned after reading grow logs where people have claimed to have come across very long flowering phenotypes. I'm hoping not to get one of these as I'm only sprouting a few beans alongside some La Nina & Angel Heart. As long as I get some decent produce I'll be happy as a pig in shit.