Which is the female haze sister of SSH?

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SSH is (NL5 x Haze) x (Skunk x Haze) not sure which hazes I know its A and B their are threads with a bunch of info on them but unless you see Shanti post it their are just too many different things people say but all that really matters is the final product to me.


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I believe its the same father as the ssh but a different mother used in the mghz strain. I'm sure Mary mary or someone could answer this


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Here's a quote from Shanti about the lineage of the Nev's, the SSH & the Mango. :)

(I highlighted the strain names)
Hi All

just to clear the air from confusion and before you all go making a legend from myth here is how it was done and is done still....

Nh is made from Haze C male which is made by two pure haze parents from 1969....then the female side of NH is made from Haze A combined to NL5 or NL5Haze A where Haze A was also made by two pure Haze parents also from 1969

Haze A is no longer alive only Haze C male is along with several other different sativa lines.

but plants with the lineage of Haze A are still alive and carrying the genes within.

SSH is made up of Haze C combined to Skunk 1 or Skunk HzC which is the male side, the female side is Haze C combined to NL5 or NL5HzC

the Mango comes from a parallel cross same as SSH but with one difference

Haze A male combined to Sk 1 or Sk HzA being the male plant, the female is NL5HzC....that is the breeding of those three plants

considering the Haze A is no longer a male alive, it still is alive in the ancestry of some of the plants used in all these breeds

I do not have secrets about breeding but given the same seed batches we could all still create something different...it boils down to selection.



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Hey Brahs
While I don't have pics to substantiate my grow, I just finished a batch of mango and Nevs' mango. The Nev mango took a little longer with a little less yield than the mango. Just pulled some from the jar after two weeks cure and OMG. Smooth smoke, long lasting, spiritual, introspective and energetic. What will it be like after several months in the jar! Oh yeah, me like the Nev mango! Just got to dial it in and wish I could cut the grow time but the finished product is definitely worth a go. I just won't be able to share as much with my compadres haha. Persy is the word here. Though not commercially viable IMO because of maturation time, and did I say these mofos can get big n tall? I just wanted to let you know that it is a worthwhile grow for the more "dedicated" grower with the end product being exceptional. Now on to the winter pak of Mango IBL. Life is good braddahs!

Cool runnin,


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Im glad it turned out nice for you brother, sometimes we are rewarded for our efforts. Thank you for the report as this is one of the strains you dont hear much about. I look forward to hearing what you find in the MH IBL as I too have quite a few waiting in line for their day. Much respect brother.