When does Angel's Breathe finish?

Grover Sativa

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hello all,

Does anyone know when this strain is due to finish? The blurb on its page kinda cuts out before mentioning expected finishing time.

Angel Heart finishes around beginning October. Is this one the same?

If it is then what the hell? So much Haze and it finishes that early? With no 'early californian' genetic in sight? That is nothing short of Superb.

I can't decide what to grow in next year's greenhouse - it has to be haze, 50% would be better than 25%. That leaves Afghan Haze (mid-end October) ; Early Skunk/Haze (beg-mid October) ; Nev's Skunk (ok it only 37.5% haze, never mind, it sounds lovely anyway!) (mid-end Oct) and Angel's Breathe (unknown).

Anyone got any experience with this one? If it is beg-mid Oct then I will go with this one for sure. Besides, it looks like it needs a grow report or two on here...This could totally change my view on what to grow in the greenhouse. (I may have to update my greenhouse post!)

Thanks in advance



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use clones for speedier finish

Hey Grover:)

The stated finishing times are probably generalities what is to be expected from professionals (I think):confused: No different from vegetable seed packs.

Find the pheno you like first out of a pack of seeds the first year or cycle...then keep it in your garden subsequently.

clones will finish slightly faster than seed plants in the same time frame.

Happy growing:D

Grover Sativa

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Thanks, Skunkha,

That's all great advice.

Still, an estimation would be helpful, if anyone has grown this baby, as end of October can be a little hairy in my region (although this year has been really good for late bloomers here!)

I think I'm going to grow for it anyway! If she needs a little heat it will be worth it! (besides, we are coming into El Ninho next year - summers will be longer the next few years, for sure...)


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The Angels Breathe contains 50% haze and the Angels Heart is 25% haze , so it is normal to expect longer finishing times with the Angels Breathe. Depending on region it should finish approx by end Oct , of course some phenos will be faster and as Skunha said seedplants take longer time to mature and finish so grow moms and take clones for the outdoors run if possible.

Grover Sativa

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thanks, L33t

given that, my decision is now 'to heat or not to heat?' Angel Heart or Angel's Breathe? What a great decision!

Whichever I choose I will buy early and grow seed mothers to take cuts from for next summer. If I have time I may even get to grow an indoor crop to test them for flowering period and taste and make some sort of basic selection...

Thanks for taking the time to answer, guys. Most appreciated. Good advice.

Hop Head

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Hello, does anyone have any experience growing out this strain? It sounds like it would have some very interesting phenos possible. How would this compare to Mango Haze or SSH? Would there be any significant difference in grow difficulty compared to these MNS allstars? I've yet to try any of the true haze hybrids, but it sounds like they provide that up energetic, creative, piercing your being type high I'm looking for. Thanks in advance for any feedback, Hop Head:)


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I have one Angel's Breathe growing, second week of flower and is 6'4".

I will start two threads soon, also have one Angel Heart that is almost the same size.



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I‘m on the east coast US 42 North. On Aug 7 I put a 6” clone outside. Today is Oct22 and I brought it in. Three feet tall nice buds and it needs a couple more weeks I’d Say. Smell like Leather and something I can’t wait to smoke.