What % of THC is this G13xSkunk


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Consistantly making for indoor grows under 600w or 1000w lights. Does it have any CBD's in it and is it good for making RSO. I just finished up with Canatonic and wow did not like the pheno from broad leaves to skinny to half and half to long buds to short buds on top just way to sketchy for me. Made oil with it and I must say it has been some of the worst I made.



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G13 skunk

I would say about 12 to 15 %. I dont know for sure but i do know it's some of the finest smoke you will get the G13 widow is probally 20 % and it shows the thing with the skunk is it has the original skunk #1 thats the pheno im looking for and thanks to shanti and simone i think i finally found one